EcoFlow DELTA 2: the portable generator is available in Italy

EcoFlow DELTA 2: il nuovo generatore portatile è disponibile in offerta lancio thumbnail

EcoFlow has started the commercialization of EcoFlow DELTA 2new portable generator that arrives on the market with a series of special offers after the presentation at the beginning of September, on the occasion of IFA 2022. Here are all the details about the new generator, its price and the launch promotion planned by the company.

EcoFlow DELTA 2 debuts on the market with a launch promotion

EcoFlow has recently started the marketing phase of the new EcoFlow DELTA 2 portable generator. The new model is marketed with a price of 1,199 euros and can be purchased either individually or with a series of packages that bundle an additional DELTA 2 battery and EcoFlow portable solar panel combinations. Until next September 23rdin addition, customers who purchase DELTA 2 will receive iComplimentary DELTA 2 waterproof bag worth 69 euros. The new model can also be purchased directly on Amazon:

For more details you can consult the EcoFlow official site.

The company comment

Bruce Wang, CEO of EcoFlow, declares: “The DELTA 2 portable generator is an indispensable appliance for any modern family, particularly due to the increase in energy costs and frequent faults in the electricity grid. One of the fundamental principles of EcoFlow is to “repay ourselves” with our users and the environment by providing as many families as possible with reliable solutions based on renewable energy. DELTA 2 represents for us the perfect opportunity to do so “.