Einova charging products: to recharge your devices wherever you are

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Einova presents its new charging products Power Bar, Laptop Power Bank and Power Bundle Pro

Adventure trips, last minute, in bungalows or for work. For each of them there is a super innovative and design object signed by Einova that you will no longer be able to do without. Einova is an innovative brand that operates in the consumer electronics sector, designs and patents cutting-edge products. Products with a sophisticated design and with technologies that aim for high energy efficiency.

With the arrival of summer, Einova offers a selection of products to recharge your electronic devices anywhere and at any time. Offering an extra boost to every type of tourist and every type of trip.

Einova charging products: to recharge your devices wherever you are

Einova charging products: Power Bar

Do you like to organize overnight trips by booking a low cost flight with departure only a few hours later? You are definitely the Power Bar! You will have your electronic devices now empty to search for the first available flight and you can use this device as a power bank on the go. So you can charge your laptop on your way to the airport, with your bags packed in just 20 minutes at 4am; or as a wireless recharge for your smartphone and airpods sitting at the bar waiting for boarding.

Power Bar is a unique wireless power bank. Charge up to four Apple devices simultaneously. With its two fast Qi wireless charging points for iPhone and AirPods, a magnetic charging point and a USB-IF certified 30W USB-C Power Delivery port. The device is equipped with Eggtronic’s patented charging technology. To get the fastest, safest and most energy-efficient wireless charging experience on the market.

The market price of the Power Bar is €149.00.

Einova charging products: to recharge your devices wherever you are

Laptop Power Banck

Are you a person who prefers trips to discover hidden places and unexplored beaches, staying in bungalows, tents or hostels? What represents you is the Laptop Power Bank, super compact and very comfortable to carry in your backpack.

Ultra powerful, light and compact, thanks to the 3 USB ports allows you to charge up to 3 devices at the same time, whether they are smartphones, tablets, laptops or headphones. It has 63W of total output power and 20,000mAh of battery capacity. It can be used anywhere.

Its ergonomic design with canvas lining allows it to be soft to the touch and at the same time water repellent and resistant to bumps and scratches. It is the ideal product to always stay connected during events and/or outdoor activities that require infinite energy. THEThe market price is €84.92.

New charging products from Einova: Power Bundle Pro

Are you a business person who is required to travel very often and who needs a continuous online presence wherever he is? You are definitely the Power Bundle Pro. A power bank to recharge your devices on the go and a power adapter to recharge all your USB-C devices.

Designed for professionals always on the go, Einova’s Power Bundle Pro includes two of the brand’s most loved products. A super compact, light and resistant Laptop Power Bank, but also very powerful, thanks to the 20,000mAh battery capacity, and the 65W Sirius universal power supply. Lightweight, compact and flexible, it is compatible with all USB-C devices. Market price of €169.84.

Einova charging products: to recharge your devices wherever you are

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