Eolo strengthens the network: the connection speed increases up to 300 MBPS

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EOLOBenefit Company and B Corp leader in the field of wireless ultra-broadband (FWA), announces an expansion of its network. Thanks to this update, EOLO will be able to offer download speeds of up to 300 Mbpsan evolution compared to the 200 Mbps previously offered.

Eolo, the network strengthened thanks to its research and development work

This enhancement is made possible thanks to EOLO’s research and development work, carried out on equipment that operates on millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies, a technology in which the company has been investing since 2018. This technological model allows the provision of very high quality services not only in terms of speed but also of stability in moments of heavy load, such as the streaming of the most followed football matches.

The Aeolus network: here are the characteristics of millimeter waves

Some of the peculiarities of millimeter waves are:

  • Large bandwidth capacitywhich allows for fast download speeds
  • Low latencywhich makes activities that require real-time communication, such as video games and video conferencing, more fluid.
  • High performance on fixed services wireless.

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Eolo’s commitment

“EOLO’s commitment to combating the Digital Speed ​​Divide continues, through the important upgrade of our infrastructure which will allow us to reach up to 300mbps in download” he declared Guido Garrone, CEO of the EOLO Network division “Too often, those who live in small Italian municipalities, in mountain areas or in suburban areas do not have access to ultra-broadband. At EOLO we have been fighting against this situation for almost 20 years and have managed to connect over 7 thousand Italian municipalities”.

The technological upgrade

The announcement of the technological upgrade was made during the annual convention with all partners in Italy, held in Lugo (RA). Among the main new features:

  • The collaboration with Open continues Fiber to offer FTTH, so as to provide the best possible service in each country
  • Launch of the “Love at first connection” promotion which allows anyone to activate an EOLO subscription free of charge for two months with possible cancellation at no cost.
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