Everything we know about the Microsoft event: Surface Pro 9 and beyond

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October promises to be a month full of technological innovations. Google will present its new Pixels (including the first Watch) and Apple should have a MacBook event. And Microsoft does not want to be outdone: the 12 October will hold an event where he will present his new one Surface line for 2022con Surface Pro 9 coming along with many other news. Here’s everything we know about possible announcements coming from Redmond.

Microsoft Event 2022: Surface Pro 9 is coming and more

Microsoft’s new event to introduce Surface Pro 9 and the entire product family will come on 12 October at 4 pm Italian. You can follow the event both on the Microsoft page dedicated to the event and on the brand’s YouTube channel.

But what do we expect from this event? Many new hardware presented by the product manager Panos Panay and his team, with probably Satya Nadella (the CEO) who will close the event by talking about the future of the company. And as for what’s to come, there are some products we’re pretty much sure to see, while others are more uncertain.

Surface Pro 9 will arrive at Microsoft’s Fall 2022 event

If there is one product that seems practically certain it will arrive, it is the new one Surface pro 9. This line of tablets that become full Windows PCs with a detachable keyboard is Microsoft’s most successful hardware ever. And after announcing the Model 8 last year in September, the time is ripe for the ninth generation.

Some insiders have discovered a September 2022 FCC certification that prepares the device’s arrival in the US market. This means that, in all likelihood, you can pre-order the new Surface Pro 9 right after the evento.

microsoft surface pro 8 event announcements 22 september minIl Microsoft Surface Pro 8

In addition to being one of the best tablets ever, this product promises to replace its predecessor even in the ranking of the most portable and powerful Windows 11 laptops. In fact, we expect a screen from 13 inch with resolution 2.880×1.920 clike last generation, but this time we should see chips 12th generation Intel.

It also appears that Microsoft plans to provide one variant with Arm processor, which previously called the Surface Pro X. Instead it should merge the two lines and offer customization on the site. Connectivity should also not be missing 5G and a new line of accessories (starting with the keyboards for the product. No big news coming, but a renewed and performing version of the classic.

Surface Laptop 5

Microsoft launched its Surface Laptop 4 last April, but this year hasn’t talked about laptops yet. We therefore expect to see the fifth generation of the notebook, which in recent years has proved perfect for students and workers thanks to a long battery life and a really well built keyboard.

surface laptop 4 features anticipationsSurface Laptop 4

We expect Microsoft to upgrade to Intel of 12 generation and the latest version of the processors AMDboth in the version from 13 and 15 inthe. But as portable as they are, at the moment the company does not seem willing to turn to “Pro Users” by increasing the number of ports and offering a dedicated graphics card. More likely, however, the arrival of one quality webcam to make the most of Microsoft Teams.

But there have been very few leaks on the new Surface Laptop 5, so Microsoft might really surprise us.

Surface Laptop Studio 2 could arrive at Microsoft’s October 2022 event

Last year Microsoft surprised by presenting the Surface Laptop Studio, which had a particular form factor and above all a lot of power. With one 14.4 inch 120Hz screen and a choice of powerful GPUscombined with support a Surface Slim Pen 2, it was a device designed for creatives who needed freedom of movement.

Surface-Laptop-Studio pre-order

Microsoft, however, often lets more than a year go by in revamping its product line, especially when it comes to complex hybrids to develop and manufacture such as the Laptop Studio. So it is not certain that we will see him at the event Microsoft Surface of October 2022. But the Redmond company could take the opportunity to fix some hybrid PC problems and provide creatives with a truly competitive solution.

What else can we see?

These three form-factors are the ones that, according to rumors, we will be able to see during Microsoft’s Surface 2022 event. But let’s also expect to discover new ones eco-sustainable accessories like those presented last year, obtained by recycling plastic recovered from the seas. Or new keyboards, mice and solutions designed for the Surface.

And some innovations still in development, which the leakers have not been able to foresee, cannot be ruled out. In short: the appointment of 12 October is anything but obvious, we will keep you updated.