expensive fuel the rise in prices shows no signs of stopping

Caro carburanti: il diesel supera i 2 euro anche al self thumbnail

Also for today comes the bulletin of the expensive fuel that shows no signs of stopping. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is bringing its side effects to this sector, but excise duties and VAT also do not help to keep under control a cost that is putting a strain on the budget of Italian families. The latest figures speak of an average per family of 525 euros more per year to move around with their own car (petrol or diesel).

Today the diesel has exceeded the 2 euro quota also for self-service, while the average price is about 2.2 euro with the service, as noted by the Mise Fuel Price Observatory.

Expensive fuel, served or self, the difference is minimal

The national average price that you pay to put a liter of petrol in the car in self mode yesterday reached € 2,124, rising from € 2,048 / liter on Tuesday. On average, the various brands charge between 2.108 and 2.168 euros / liter, while something is saved with the “no logos” which, always on average, charge 2.082 euros / liter. The same goes for the diesel which in self mode is now over 2 euros, to be precise (on average) at 2,074 euros / liter when on the previous day it was 1,966 euros per liter. Also in this case, prices vary from company to company, but all are positioned between 2,042 and 2,121 euros / liter (no logo 2,061).

And if the “served” as always costs more than the self, to date the difference between the two modes has narrowed. For gasoline, the average price charged in Italy reaches well 2,216 euros / liter, compared to 2,154 on Wednesday. The large supply chains are (on average) between 2,164 and 2,316 euros / liter while the “free” brands reach 2,120.

And for the served, diesel exceeds petrol, with an average price of 2,172 euros / liter, almost 100 cents more than on Tuesday. The filling stations of the companies have average prices between 2,158 and 2,241 euros / liter while the “no logos” in this case are the most “economical” with an average of 2,095 per liter.

LPG is still growing with prices ranging from 0,867 to 0,888 euros / liter (no logo 0.866). Drivers with cars are not doing well either methane, since this propellant grows even worse than the others, with a price per liter that varies on average between 1.912 and 2.290 for “branded” distributors and 2,154 for “no logos”.

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