Fall Guys surpasses 20 million users but players complain about the progression system

Fall Guys supera i 20 milioni di utenti ma i giocatori si lamentano del sistema di progressione thumbnail

It’s been exactly 6 days since Fall Guys, Mediatonic’s beloved party game / battle royale, officially went free-to-play. In less than 48 hours from the free (re) launch, the game has reached a staggering over 20 million downloads, between console and PC. However, the start of the new season called Free-for-All was not appreciated by all the players, many of them complain of critical issues in the in-game progression system.

What are the critical issues highlighted by Fall Guys players?

Especially criticized is the new Season Pass, which mainly rewards players who complete the daily and weekly challenges. System that – as we read in a Reddit discussion – “It doesn’t motivate players to play better and may encourage some others to stay AFK”. For those unfamiliar with gaming jargon, AFK stands for “Away From Keyboard”, basically starting a game while being inactive. In this way, the “laziest” players could complete some challenges (such as “participate in a number of games”) without actually playing.

The aforementioned Reddit post currently has just under 800 positive voteswhile Mediatonic has not yet responded to user criticism.

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