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FAR review: Changing Tides, an unexpected journey

Every now and then it is right to have a different perspective than what we are used to: FAR: Changing Tides also teaches us this, which with its silent narration and its unusual mechanics offers us a definitely unexpected experience, as we will see in this review

The writer finds himself having to use for the first time one of the cliché phrases that you can often find in the videogame field: review FAR: Changing Tides it is not an easy task. As can be easily understood, however, it is not a question of those large triple A productions of which it is difficult to speak due to the media attention that gravitates around them; the difficulty, in fact, derives from the fact that (as happened with the first chapter) FAR: Changing Tides deviates from typical standards of the vast majority of play experiences today, and consequently it becomes difficult to assign summary judgments linked to a numerical vote. For this reason, continuing in this review, we will try to describe as fully as possible what FAR: Changing Tides is, so as to have a clear idea of ​​what it is.

Sail, dive and fly

If we wanted to do the review of FAR: Changing Tides by locking it in those rigid categories which help to get a general idea of ​​the nature of the game, we could say that it is a limbolike (in reference to the first Playdead masterpiece) with a post-apocalyptic setting. However, we will soon realize how these two categories do not give a good idea of ​​what FAR: Changing Tides really is, because in both cases the game deviates significantly from what we would normally expect.

In general, we will take the shoes of a little character not well identified. Traveling for the first minutes of the game on foot, very quickly we will unlock what is in fact the real co-star of the game, namely the nave. With it we will begin to travel across the seas, gradually unlocking several power-up that will make our journey easier and in some cases give us new ways to advance. In the background we will be able to observe the remains of a now lost civilization, accompanied by a nature in the process of reclaiming the lands stolen from it.

FAR review: Changing Tides, an unexpected journey

The Ruins of a Past World – FAR Review: Changing Tides

As already mentioned therefore, during our journey we will therefore go through many ruins of the human being. In fact, we will start from what it seems to be an old city now floodedpassing through old lighthouses, dams, and even one floating city. Among all these now mostly rusted buildings, we will have to sort out various from time to time puzzles (of which perhaps the latter are somewhat counterintuitive) which will require us to reactivate old mechanisms to allow us to move forward.

In this journey from an undefined destination, however, we will not find the usual story about the ambitions and sins of the human being, a message very dear to the post-apocalyptic tradition. Along with a general feeling of peace and quietthose few times that we will explore the ruins of human contraptions we will rather find clues genericsmall visual inputs with an unclear direction, which therefore do not tell a real story but which can make the player’s mind travel, in case he is interested.

FAR review: Changing Tides, an unexpected journey

A single travel companion – FAR Review: Changing Tides

Proceeding in this review we can say that, as far as the playful part is concerned, the pivot of the FAR: Changing Tides experience is without a shadow of a doubt driving the ship. For those who are not aware of the guide system partly taken from the prequel, or FAR: Lone Sails, we can make a comparison with the much more famous Sea of Thieves. In fact, in Sea of ​​Thieves, when driving the ships we do not take direct control of the ship, but we guide it through the actions of our character: well, the guidance system of FAR follows the same principle

We can then unfold the sails and direct them according to the wind to pick up speed, or activate the engine with some fuel and keep it active, or even decide if dive underwater to try a different path. We will then be able to exit the ship, swim and dive underwater in our turn, especially to go in search of the various collectibles scattered around the map, which will serve as fuel for the ship’s engine.

FAR review: Changing Tides, an unexpected journey

An enhanced monotony – FAR Review: Changing Tides

As you have understood by now, we will therefore mostly experience a lot of adventure quiet, relaxed and full of monotony. This is clearly not understood in a negative sense: repetitiveness in video games is an aspect that in fact we tend to judge as negative, but which is often much more present and fundamental than we think. The repetitiveness in this case is not alienating, but on the contrary it is absolutely well placed in the context of the game and its rhythms.

Also because the adventure is not totally without significant moments. Thanks to the help of a soundtrack not intrusive but able to always activate itself at the most opportune moments with very engaging sounds, some moments will happen during the trip with a strong emotional charge. When the ship will stop and then be overwhelmed by the waves, or when you will be able to resurrect the floating city from the depths, thanks also to the graphic style very stylized and pleasant, you will find yourself in front of very important moments, however short.

FAR review: Changing Tides, an unexpected journey


For those who have already had the opportunity to play the previous chapter, FAR: Changing Tides presents itself with the same setting: driving a vehicle with multiple functions, you will find yourself exploring the ruins of a world now past and dead, if not for some hint of life here and there. With some very simple puzzles (contrary to the punitive puzzles typical of the Playdead works and the aforementioned limbolike), the pivot of the gameplay lies in the ship guide, with which you will become familiar during the few hours of play. Between a relaxing trend and a few small events with a significant impact (aided by the masterful soundtrack), you will explore a world divided between nature and the traces of a by now past human civilization, observing all the environments that will surround you, and in search of a whole destination. to discover.

At the end of this FAR: Changing Tides review, the word is on you. What do you think about it? Waiting for your answers, we invite you to stay tuned on the pages for daily updates on the main news of the videogame world. If you prefer to buy game keys at discounted prices, you can do so through our link to Instant Gaming.

A great little journey

Points in favor

  • Fun ship steering system
  • Masterful soundtrack
  • Aesthetically wonderful

Points against

  • Some puzzles are counterintuitive