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Moss Book 2 preview: our first impressions

Discover with us in this special preview our first impressions of the brand new Moss: Book 2

The panorama of titles playable through VR continues to constantly expand from year to year and more and more teams, young or old, decide they want to explore the territories of virtual reality (as proof of this, you can find here some of the best titles coming right for PS4 VR. ). In the past few days we have been officially invited to an official premiere of the sequel to one of the most acclaimed VR titles by audiences and critics, Moss. Already expected for spring 2022, in this event we were able to exclusively attend the first official gameplay images of the latest effort by Polyarc, which has also released the official release date of the title for the occasion. So here’s the preview and our first impressions of the brand new Moss: Book 2.

The return of Quill

For those unfamiliar with the first installment of the series, Moss is an adventure title with a strong focus on solving environmental puzzles and puzzles. In the game we will be called to help the protagonist Quill, a rather brave white mouse. The player will have to collaborate with the nice protagonist, not only indicating the path to follow or the actions to be taken, but also and above all interacting with the surrounding environment. The affinity between Quill and the player was one of the fundamental points on which the entire experience of the first chapter was based, and already from the first impressions of this preview it is clear how the developers have worked hard to deepen this aspect even more in Moss : Book 2.

Moss Book 2 preview: our first impressions

A little big adventure – Preview Moss: Book 2 our first impressions

In the introduction of this preview dedicated to first impressions of Moss: Book 2 we mentioned the team play that the player will have to do with Quill. In this second chapter we will be able to make use of all new abilities, such as the possibility of using the vegetation of some rooms to create bridges or stairs. It will also be possible to interact with certain enemies, and in the gameplay we could see a level with insects that can be used to solve the puzzles necessary to continue.

Quill for its part will also be able to count on new weapons and abilities. In the preview, for example, we could see her spinning a big hammer in the air to defend herself from the opponents who will try to seize her. The developers haven’t put too much weight on the amount of new weapons and abilities, to avoid potential spoilers, but they have ensured that the title will have larger rooms and more varied and complex puzzles than its predecessor, and fans can expect a generally more experience. long-lived compared to the first chapter.

Moss Book 2 preview: our first impressions

An Enchanting Fairy Tale – Moss Preview: Book 2 our first impressions

Even the first impressions on the artistic and technical front of this preview dedicated to Moss: Book 2 are quite positive. If it is true that, for a definitive judgment, it will first be necessary to thoroughly try the game in its full version, nevertheless the fantasy world in which the little protagonist moves seemed immediately very varied and inspired, in line with what we saw. in the first chapter. The enchanting atmosphere that transpires from the settings is fairytale, and in all likelihood she will be able to win over players of all ages.

The development team seems to have wanted to make the most of the potential of the PS4 VR viewer, focusing on packaging a solid experience both from a narrative and gameplay point of view. The software house stated that it focused mainly on the PlayStation VR, and has not released any statements regarding support for other viewers, so at the moment there is no information regarding the arrival of the game on other platforms.

Final remarks

In conclusion to this preview dedicated to Moss: Book 2 we can safely say that the first impressions on the latest effort by Polyarc are decidedly positive. The title promises to be the worthy heir of Moss, and promises to evolve and deepen the first chapter in all respects. The software house has stated that the game will be released on March 31, 2022, so it won’t take long before we dive into Quill’s brand new adventure.

What do you think of it? Are you eager to try this new title for yourself and find out what it has to offer? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to for all the news dedicated to the world of video games. To buy video games at a discounted price, we recommend that you take a look at the Instant Gaming catalog.