Farmers stealing tanks, the first video game against the Russian invasion

Contadini che rubano carri armati, il primo videogioco contro l’invasione russa thumbnail

His Redditthe user ThrustVector9 published Farmers Stealing Tanksthe first video game inspired by the War in Ukraine. According to what has been revealed, the title is free and can be completed in a matter of minutes; finally, the home page takes you to a donations page to Orphan’s Aid Society. Let’s find out all the details together.

Farmers Stealing Tanks, the video game about the War in Ukraine

The graphics of this new video game is inspired by avatars and al design Of Minecraft and offers the player a very simple gameplay e understandable. To steal a tank russo with your own tractor it is necessary to hook it up with the trailer: enemy tanks can destroy the tractor with cannon shotscanceling one of the three lives available to the player.

In the game map it is also possible to find Nemiroff bottlesa famous Ukrainian brand of spirits that will allow the player to increase your speed for ten seconds. Each game ends with Slava Ukraini !, which literally means Glory to Ukraine.

The only flaw in this game is that, at the moment, is optimized and available for PC only.

Over the past few weeks, numerous social networks and platforms have turned into war schedules. Together with Instagram and TikTok we also find Reddit, which has recently opened many small forums dedicated to the subject. One of the most used is Ukraine and account 578 thousand subscribers.

A new forum has also been created on the platform which takes its name from the video game we told you about, Farmers Stealing Tanks. The goal of this forum is to collect all the material on the theft of Russian tanks by Ukrainian peasants. According to what has been published, the phenomenon has been documented through some videos showing a farmer stealing a Russian tank, then chased by the Russian soldier.

If you are curious to try the video game, you can consult the official site.

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