FIFA will make its video games after the end of the partnership with EA

La FIFA svilupperà i suoi videogame dopo la fine della partnership con EA thumbnail

Despite the end of the partnership with FIFA, a real historic event for the gaming worldEA will continue to make soccer games having already announced EA Sports FC. It should be noted, however, that also the FIFAthe international federation that regulates the world of football, he has no intention of leaving the world of video games. The president Gianni Infantino has, in fact, confirmed that FIFA will make its video games with all the official licenses.

FIFA prepares its soccer games after farewell to EA

FIFA 23 will be the last installment of the series. From next year, in fact, it will be up to EA Sports FC to collect the legacy of the EA series. In the meantime, however, FIFAthe international football federation, will not abandon the videogame world e he will start developing the games “on his own”. The FIFA series will continue, therefore, with the arrival of FIFA 24 and other subsequent chapters.

New titles on the way

FIFA will likely rely on an already established development team to create a new soccer game. The title could have a marked multiplayer and esports imprint and, of course, it will not neglect the mobile world. More details on the project should arrive over the next few months. Certainly, for fans there will be opportunities to play video games dedicated to the world of football.

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