Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: “the game will be appreciated even by those who have not played the remake of Final Fantasy VII”

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According to the developers of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the title will be fully understood even if you have not played the prequel remake

After confirming that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will open a new narrative path with a story and characters, Square Enix has published another one of its daily contents of the behind the scenes from the development team of the sequel. While rather short and laconic, this last one is a bit more descriptive than usual. The comment in question comes from Motomu Toriyamaco-director di Final Fantasy VII Rebirthwhich states that those who have not played a Final Fantasy VII Remake will still be able to “fully enjoy” its upcoming sequel: “We have made preparations so that players who didn’t get a chance to play the first game can fully enjoy Final Fantasy VII Rebirth“said Toriyama.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: “You don’t need to play Final Fantasy VII Remake to enjoy it”

It remains to be seen what exactly that will entail, though, given where Final Fantasy VII Remake ends, it is rather difficult to imagine how Rebirth will be able to tell a completely independent story that does not require knowledge of the events of the prequel. We can perhaps expect a summary detailed enough of the first title at some point in the game? Who knows. Recently, the development team also stated that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will feature a “broad and multifaceted” world which will provide players”a high degree of freedom” in exploration. Producer Yoshinori Kitase also confirmed that development is proceeding “according to plan” and that work is being done to set a concrete release date. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is scheduled to launch in next winterexclusively for PS5.

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