The new features of Office Professional Plus 2021

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Office Professional Plus 2021 offers a number of improvements that help users be more productive

One of the most interesting features of Office Professional Plus 2021 is the advanced integration with other Microsoft apps such as Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. This integration allows users to collaborate more effectively by easily sharing documents, scheduling meetings and synchronizing data in real time.

Productivity improvements

Office Professional Plus 2021 offers a number of improvements that help users be more productive. Among these improvements are new search and data analysis capabilities in Excel, advanced formatting tools in Word and PowerPoint, as well as greater customization of user settings.

Advanced security and compliance

Data security is a major concern for many businesses. Office Professional Plus 2021 offers advanced security features such as advanced protection against cyber threats, access control and data encryption. Additionally, the suite is in line with privacy and compliance regulations such as the GDPR.

How to get Office Professional Plus 2021

Licensing Options

To get Office Professional Plus 2021, there are several licensing options available. Businesses can choose between volume licenses or annual subscriptions. Individual users can purchase the stand-alone license or opt for an Office 365 subscription, which includes Office Professional Plus 2021.

System requirements

Before proceeding to purchase and install Office Professional Plus 2021, it is important to check the system requirements. Make sure you have a compatible operating system and the necessary hardware resources to run the productivity suite properly.

The benefits of Office Professional Plus 2021

Effective collaboration

With Office Professional Plus 2021, collaboration becomes more effective than ever. Users can work together on documents in real time, share ideas and comments, and manage complex projects with ease. Integration with apps like Teams makes communicating and scheduling meetings easy, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Advanced document creation tools

Office Professional Plus 2021 offers a wide range of advanced document creation tools. With Word, you can format text professionally and use auto-correction tools to improve the quality of your documents. Excel offers advanced data analysis and chart visualization capabilities, while PowerPoint lets you create engaging presentations with special effects.

Access to the latest versions of Microsoft apps

With Office Professional Plus 2021, users can always access the latest versions of Microsoft apps. This means you will have access to the latest new features and bug fixes, ensuring a better user experience and a higher level of security.

Office Professional Plus 2021 use cases

Office Professional Plus 2021 is used in different contexts and sectors. Here are some examples of how this productivity suite can be leveraged:

Professional use

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Office Professional Plus 2021. This productivity suite offers tools that help improve operational efficiency, streamline project management, and enable seamless collaboration between employees.

Academic use

Academic institutions, such as schools and universities, can use Office Professional Plus 2021 to facilitate teaching and learning activities. Students can create engaging documents, process complex data, and prepare engaging presentations using Office apps.

Specific sectors such as finance and design

Some industries, such as finance and design, require specific tools to carry out their activities. Office Professional Plus 2021 offers advanced features for creating complex spreadsheets, managing financial data and designing promotional materials.

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