Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker review, the glorious “end” of a journey

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The story of Final Fantasy XIV has been characterized by a path that is not at all simple, made up of ups and downs starting with the launch, which took place over 10 years. Update after update, expansion after expansion, the latest MMORPG set in the magical world of Final Fantasy however, he was able to demonstrate all his value by acquiring a solid community and always giving them new and exciting content. With Endwalker, the latest expansion of the game, Final Fantasy XIV wants to consolidate this trend by offering players the worthy “conclusion” of an adventure that is nothing short of exceptional. So let’s discover all the contents of this new challenge in the our review of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker review

Endwalker represents one of the most impactful expansions in the game since the time of A Realm Reborn. The amount of added content is impressive and the story introduced concludes, as the name suggests, the story that began a decade ago. Lore is one of the themes that is most dear to the developers of this massive video game and the plot of Endwalker, which we do not spoil for obvious reasons, is the worthy conclusion to a truly epic adventure.

What you need to know is that Endwalker will pick up the story exactly at the end of the latest expansion, Shadowbringers with Scion intent on countering the apocalypse prophesied by Fandaniel, last worshiper of Zodiark. With Endwalker, in fact, the historical battle between Zodiark e Hydaelin in a clash full of twists and particularly exciting and well-chosen sequences.

The pace of the whole expansion is quite fast-paced and balanced, except perhaps for a few moments a little down. Particularly appreciated was the attention given to the order of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn who keep all their charisma and the fantastic characterization that was given to them unchanged. Their path and the “secondary” plots born over the years will reach a worthy end in a path of writing and staging that reaches its apex with Endwalker.

New: classes and cities

Beyond the novelties of the plot, Endwalker also introduces many features and improvements to the game mechanics present. Among these we find a classic but always appreciated maximum level increase of the character who can now reach the level 90. Added to this are also the novelties of the classes and the creation of the PCs. Most of the Jobs in the game have been balanced following the introduction of new mechanics and skills. Generally it feels like a smoother gameplay for all roles. Jobs also increase with the introduction of the Reaper he was born in Sage, respectively a DPS it’s a Healer. Also, the possibility of creating a male character of the Vier racea, hitherto dominated by female avatars.

There is no shortage of innovations introduced new maps, cities and dungeons. The added areas are characterized, once again, at their best and their vastness increases the exploration and discovery of new elements of the lore and not. Breathtaking views, white cities and the beauty of the sea characterize this expansion that gives an even stronger identity to the magical game world.

The new ones are also well done dungeon that offer an exceptional challenge to players who will have to unleash everything they have learned so far and work as a team to succeed. Equally difficult and satisfying are the new ones Trial, the boss fights of the game that, especially at the more advanced difficulty levels, will really give you a hard time.

10 years and not hear them?

Stylistically, Endwalker leaves the identity of Final Fantasy XIV unchanged, as it should be. Everything moves in line with the base game and the previous expansions but by learning from the latter, Endwalker manages to give us a whole new vision with the unprecedented game areas. The graphic style is strongly affected by the Crystal Tools engine, the graphics engine owned by Square-Enix that now, let’s face it, it has had its day but still manages to defend itself well.

A separate discussion should be made instead for the soundtrack, Endwalker’s flagship. The magnificent compositions of Masayoshi Soken they manage to give life to both the cinematics in play and the placid walks and exploration sequences. A very high taste that has produced some soundtrack which enclose in their notes the very essence of the entire Final Fantasy saga.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker review at a glance

Endwalker is the worthy conclusion to a fantastic, challenging and exciting journey, one of those extraordinary journeys that only the Final Fantasy saga can give us. With the right new features, updates and a well-developed storyline, Final Fantasy XIV has managed, once again, to surprise us with one of the most brilliant updates of recent years.

After Endwalker, the future of Final Fantasy XIV is still far from being discovered, but we can’t wait to get back to it.

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