Fortnite: where to find the Ferrari

The Ferrari 296 GTB has been introduced on Fortnite as a new drivable vehicle, and if you wonder where you can find it, in this guide we will tell you all the locations to head to

One of the strong points of Fortnite, which allows him to maintain a certain appeal for his audience over time, are the crossover with other big names and famous brands all over the world. There have been countless collaborations, starting with the one with Marvel for Avengers, up to collaborations with famous stars around the world or with entire sports federations, to name just a few. The last of these is precisely the collaboration with the Ferrari brand, which we will talk about today: in fact, the 296 GTB model of the famous luxury car brand has been included in Fortnite as a drivable vehicle, and in this guide we will see where you can find this car in your game and what challenges you can complete with it.

Practical advice

There are several things to keep in mind when wondering where to find a Ferrari around the Fortnite map: the first, and perhaps most obvious, is that most likely you won’t be the only ones looking for it, and therefore you will have to prepare for any clashes. Another thing to know is that the Ferrari 296 GTB it behaves like the generic sports cars that were previously in the game: if it behaves excellently on the asphalt, off the road it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to drive it. This means that if you want to go around the map completing the Ferrari challenges, you may want to take some off-road tires.

Fortnite: where to find the Ferrari

The locations – Fortnite: where to find the Ferrari

After careful research, the locations on the map where a Ferrari car can be found with a certain probability have been identified. It can be found both in the area of Believer Beach, both in the area of Lazy Lake. As for Believer Beach, the Ferrari can be found parked in the parking lot outside the hotel building on the east side of the city. There seems to be a chest IO nearby, and therefore we can consider that area as a good one area to start the game. Another Ferrari could spawn at the gas station on the west side of the city. By turning our attention to Lazy Lakes, we can find the car at the gas station or at the dealership.

Fortnite: where to find the Ferrari

The challenges – Fortnite: where to find the Ferrari

One of Ferrari’s main challenges is to complete time trials in one of the many locations on the map. If you check on the map, you can see the icons of each challenge marked quite clearly. When you arrive at the place, to start is to find the bright white symbol floating above the road. Crossing it, the time trials will begin. After starting the trial, you will have to go through all checkpoint (always marked with a floating bright white symbol) within the time limit, and by doing so the challenge will be won. Before proceeding to the conclusion of this guide of where to find the Ferrari in Fortnite, in the next paragraph we will see one last tip.

Fortnite: where to find the Ferrari

Watch out for the tank

Last but not least, it is essential to keep a watchful eye on the fuel gauge. The use of the Ferrari boost, however much it does gain a speed very high to the vehicle, it wastes a lot of fuel, making you find yourself on foot sooner than you think. In general, we do not recommend using the boost: if you start a timed challenge with a tank that is not full (or nearly full), in some cases you could run out before the end of the challenge.

What do you think, then, of this crossover? After seeing where to find the Ferrari in Fortnite, were you able to get your hands on it? Waiting for your comments, we just have to invite you to stay tuned on the pages for all the most important updates on the videogame sector and more. If you prefer to buy game keys at discounted prices, you can do so through our link to Instant Gaming.