Fortnite: how to get the Billie Eilish skin

The only one capable of being “the bad guy” brings her unexpected singing skills to Fortnite: here's how to get the Billie Eilish skin

Keep track of all the new stuff coming up on Fortnite it's really hard, but we do our best and as we promised we are here to explain how to get billie eilish skin. In addition to confirming the leak of almost all of 2024 of Epic Games' battle royalethe singer is yet another confirmation of the mode Festival as a stand-alone game (as developed by Harmonixauthors of Guitar Hero and Rock Band). The seasons of the various modes will therefore be marked with different rhythms, and it is starting from this that we want to give a specific interpretation to the debut on the Island of the winner of the last Grammys. The singer follows a first season dedicated to The Weeknd and a second all for Lady Gaga.

Hard pass | How to get the Billie Eilish skin in Fortnite

If you want to get the Billie Eilish skin, as you might guess, your first choice is the Fortnite Festival pass. Similarly to the “Battle Minipasses” seen in the main mode, also in this case for 1800 V-Buck (approximately 20 euros, ed.) you will have rewards available to redeem by proceeding with the mode. And always similarly to the various Minipasses, purchasing it will give you the coveted skin while completing the Premium Rewards Path will give you the variant. In the case of Avatar: The Legend of Aang in Battle Royale and Zero Construction, the two variants are Aang and Aang in the Avatar State; for the singer you can aim for her and the Riflessi Verdi variant.

Fortnite: how to get the Billie Eilish skinFortnite: how to get the Billie Eilish skin

The artist's trinkets | How to get the Billie Eilish skin in Fortnite

Beyond the possibility of acting as a moving target in the main modes, this might also interest you that the paid pass has to offer. No problem: we'll save you having to log in and we'll be happy to list the various contents that can be unlocked using the pass. It's a matter of:

  • Burial Microphone
  • Maps (Jam track)
  • Neon Fighter (loading screen)
  • Friday I’m In Love (traccia Jam)
  • Dynamic Points (aura)
  • Youngblood (traccia Jam)
  • Blohsh (emoticon)
  • Billie Crown (back bling)
  • Oxytocin (Jam track)
  • Tasti dormienti (keytar)
  • Billie green reflections (skin)

Fortnite: how to get the Billie Eilish skinFortnite: how to get the Billie Eilish skin

Purchase without obligation | How to get the Billie Eilish skin in Fortnite

In the event that the Festival is not your mode of reference, nothing prevents you from making your own the items on sale in shop objects. At the writing of this article, and contrary to what previously happened with The Weeknd and Lady Gaga, it is not about skins, but only about emotes and Jam tracks which we are happy to report below (although each minipass usually consists of items later sold separately). It's a matter of:

  • You should see me in a crown (emote, 500 V-Buck)
  • Bad Guy (emote, 500 V-Buck)
  • Therefore I am (traccia Jam, 500 V-Buck)
  • Happier Than Ever (traccia Jam, 500 V-Buck)
  • Royal Bundle (the four items above, 1500 V-Buck)

Fortnite: how to get the Billie Eilish skinFortnite: how to get the Billie Eilish skin


As we said earlier, Fortnite Festival follows different timings, which is why you can try to get the Billie Eilish skin(s) until June 13th. Unless the mode is the primary one in your gaming sessions, we advise you to hurry even with more than a month and a half to spare. In fact, since it is a musical game, gathering experience requires almost perfect performances of the songs, and in this sense the “wireless telephone” caused by input lag and pure and simple lag is certainly not helpful. Otherwise, however, you shouldn't have any particular problems in making the artist your own and unleashing yourself on the digital stage. Good luck!

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