Frances Haugen and the non-profit organization to make social media healthier

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Frances Haugenformer employee of Facebookannounced the birth of a new one non-profit organization. The goal of this non-profit is to make the healthier social media. Let’s find out all the details together.

Frances Haugen and the non-profit organization to make social media healthier

The non-profit organization seems to be inspired by the solutions that Haugen has proposed in the past to the legislators and at social media companies. At the same time she was also inspired by her experience as an ex Product Manager from Facebook to offer solutions on how to make social media a safe place.

Haugen has become a well-known figure ever since he disclosed tens of thousands of pages of internal documents and then revealed his identity at “60 Minutes” last year. She also testified before the Congress.

According to a press release, “Beyond the Screen” will start by creating a database open-source of the ways in which “Big Techs are failing in their legal and ethical obligations to society.” It will also outline potential solutions. The group calls this project a “Duty of Care” whose goal is to identify the gaps in online damage research and find a way to fill them.

The contents of the leaked documents, which Haugen also handed over to lawmakers and the Securities and Exchange Commission, were first reported by the Wall Street Journal. These reports described the company’s knowledge of the companythe sometimes harmful effects of its product on children e teenagers. The different ones were also present content moderation standard for high profile accounts and ne difficultiesl manage potential harmful content in different languages ​​and cultural contexts.

Haugen recently argued specific laws in the United States and overseas aiming at making social media safer for children. Haugen also expressed his support for the California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, recently signed by the governor Gavin Newsom. The law requires many platforms to design their own services taking into account privacy and of child safety. At the same time it prevents them, among other things, from pushing minors to provide personal information or on theirs position.