From Philips TV & Sound gift ideas to celebrate father

From Philips TV & Sound gift ideas to celebrate father

Let’s see some gift ideas for Father’s Day, in this article containing various possibilities by Philips

Sportsman, retro, passionate about music, movies and sporting events on TV? Father’s day is upon us, from Philips TV & Sound some gift ideas that will solve doubts for a gift that is not always easy to choose.

From Philips TV & Sound gift ideas to celebrate father

Philips PH805 for the music loving dad

The PH805’s hybrid technology for active digital and advanced noise control (Advanced Digital ANC) uses four ECM microphones to deliver noise cancellation that can reduce up to 27 dB, or about 95% of background noise. Street noise, background noises, transport noises or voices are drastically reduced or canceled.

The pavilions feature both physical buttons that touch controls – tapping from top to bottom on the right side controls volume and basic voice controls, while a single tap activates or deactivates active noise cancellation or, the Awareness mode to be able to monitor the surrounding noises while continuing to listen to the music. Using the physical buttons you can select: play, pause, skip forward or backward or simple call functions.

The audio sound reproduced by the Philips PH805 is excellent thanks to large, high-quality 40mm neodymium drives that deliver high-resolution levels of performance – with an HRA-certified bandwidth spanning 5Hz to 40KHZ. The clever folding design allows you to store the headphones compactly or flat making the PH805 perfect and easy to store for those who are always on the go. Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity allows you to listen to music from your phone, tablet or laptop, in high resolution and without cables. Battery life is a whopping 30 hours – more than enough for even the longest trip – while fast charging gives you another two hours of playback in just five minutes.

PH805 also has the ability to be connected via cable, thanks to the additional audio cable to allow the headphones to continue to be used without battery power and ensure connection to in-flight entertainment systems for example. Recommended price: € 199.00.

From Philips TV & Sound gift ideas to celebrate father

The TAVS700 / 10 Original radio retro alarm clock for dad vintage style

Wooden case, copper knobs and display with adjustable lighting: authentic 1950s style meets modern performance in the Bluetooth clock radio Powered by electricity that pays homage to the iconic Philips Philetta 254 desktop radio. It features a digital FM tuner for radio function and a Bluetooth connection for streaming from your mobile device. The digital radio tuner guarantees exceptionally clear reception, and you can also preset up to 20 FM and 20 DAB stations to always have your favorite stations available. Two 3 ″ full-range speakers for clear sound and the Bass-Reflex port that fills in the bass tones and guarantees a powerful and harmonious bass response.

Bluetooth communication technology allows you to establish a wireless connection of up to 10m of reliable short-range, low-power consumption range to listen to your favorite music, video and game audio wirelessly from the speaker. Recommended price: € 199.00.

From Philips TV & Sound gift ideas to celebrate father

Smart and safe training thanks to the smallest heart rate monitor in the Philips SN503, for the sporty dad!

In addition to offering perfect audio, the SN503 have the smallest in-ear heart rate monitor which is compatible with all major running apps – Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, Runkeeper, Pola Beat, Runtatstic, Codoon and Endomondo – for giving audio feedback. without having to be distracted by looking at the display. The SN503s have been tested with a running speed of 16 km / h and offer a precision comparable to that of the chest strap at the time of the race.

Heart rate monitors are increasingly essential during sports and allow the runner to keep their heart rate below their maximum zone or allow walkers to stay in the fat-burning range – this means that exercises can be safer, more efficient. and more fun. The SN503 earphones have a duration of 6 hours while monitoring is active, they are also waterproof and sweat resistant. With fast charging, you only need 15 minutes to enjoy an extra hour. Recommended price: € 99.00.

From Philips TV & Sound gift ideas to celebrate father

The One ‘TV for the cinephile dad or the big fan!

With the arrival of the 7304 TV, all the most futuristic technologies converge in the Philips TV Performance Series: “The One” lacks nothing. The latest 3-sided Ambilight version takes the quality bar even higher and delivers an amazing TV experience.

Spectators will be in the front row to fully immerse themselves in a show of colors and emotions, with the contents that will seem to emerge from the screen. The light and slim design and a swivel T-shaped base make The One a TV that truly has it all and blends in perfectly with modern decor.

Finally, the Philips Android TV also responds to voice commands. Viewers and gamers will be able to tell the TV they want to play a video game, watch Netflix, or even instruct other Google Assistant-compatible ‘smart’ appliances – all without getting off the couch.

In Italy “The One” is available in two versions:

  • TV 7304 with swivel base T matt is on sale at the recommended price of € 499.00 (43 ”), € 599.00 (50 ”), € 699.00 (55 “), € 899.00 (65”) ).
  • TV 7354 with swivel T-shaped base in chromed metal is on sale at the recommended price of € 699.00 (43 “), € 749.00 (50”), € 849.00 (55 “) and € 999.00 (65 “).

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