Smart Concept #5: debut at the Beijing Motor Show of the largest and most versatile ever

There is a lot of anticipation for the market launch of the Smart Concept #5, the new SUV which was previewed at the Beijing Motor Show

Al Beijing Motor Show has been officially revealed Smart Concept #5, a prototype that represents a real turning point for the German brand. It is a Mid-size SUV which combines an outdoor-inspired design with the functionality and accessibility typical of Smart. The way was opened to a new market segment for the brand. The square shapes with muscular wheel arches and the LED light bar on the roof underline the off-road vocation of the prototype. The front and rear protective skid plate with integrated winch completes the rugged, adventure-ready SUV look.

Smart Concept #5: debut at the Beijing Motor Show of the largest and most versatile everSmart Concept #5: debut at the Beijing Motor Show of the largest and most versatile ever

Smart Concept #5: space, technology and top performance

The interiors surprise with space and technology. The board is dominated by a dual OLED display for the infotainment system, driven by the powerful chip AMD V2000. An innovative voice assistant with Cerence's generative artificial intelligence allows you to control the vehicle and access various information with just your voice. The SUV is equipped with an 800 Volt architecture that allows very fast charging: from 10% to 80% in just 15 minutes. The 100 kWh battery guaranteesautonomy of over 550 km, positioning itself at the top of the category. Five driving modes allow you to adapt the vehicle's behavior to different driving needs, offering excellent performance on any terrain.

The car represents an important step in the future of the German brand. This revolutionary SUV combines style, technology, performance and functionality. The presentation of the series model is scheduled for second half of 2024. There is therefore great anticipation on the part of fans of the brand and lovers of compact and versatile SUVs. Smart Concept #5 therefore presents an innovative design, cutting-edge technology and excellent performance. Many are sure that it will be a candidate to become a point of reference in the panorama of medium-sized SUVs. This would demonstrate Smart's ability to reinvent itself and face new challenges successfully.

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