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Who owns a virtual reality viewer generally suffers from a problem: the moment you connect it to a PC the gaming experience could be ruined a cable that limits our movements. D-Link offers us a solution to this problem with its product VR Air Bridge designed specifically for family devices Meta; we propose it to you in this review.

The D-Link VR Air Bridge review

When using a fairly recent virtual reality headset, we have two options. In the first instance, we can use it as a stand-alone device, therefore making do with its CPU and internal memory. Alternatively, we can connect it to a PC and use it as a stereoscopic viewer to achieve much higher performance. In the second case, the connection can occur via Wi-Fi o through a cable. The choice then becomes whether to have a somewhat unstable view via Wi-Fi, above all if your home network is subject to interference from other devices, or use a USB-C cable, with the hassle ofhindrance in movement and with the risk of tear something to your PC if you are not careful.

D-Link, with the VR Air Bridge, offers us a very simple and functional solution: use it to connect between PC and viewer a small dedicated Wi-Fi access point and highly optimized for the purpose. This brings several interesting advantages. We can have better performance compared to using home Wi-Fi, because the VR Air Bridge network will be free from other devices. Furthermore, the VR Air Bridge is equipped with technology Wi-Fi 6, so the only limit to the available bandwidth could be the USB-C port of our PC. And then, obviously, we won't have the cable to bother us. We in the editorial team, however, would like to add another aspect: the fact of not using a cable means you don't always have to keep the viewer charged. Therefore, by making the battery complete complete charge and discharge cycles, we preserve its duration in time.

D-Link's VR Air Bridge pretty much presents itself like a USB stick, just slightly wider. We can insert it directly into the PC in one USB 3.0 port (the blue ones, so to speak) or, if we prefer, use the extension with the support dock included in the package.

VR air bridge usageVR air bridge usage

Is it worth buying it?

Some of you are surely wondering why you should spend on a small access point when, after all, a cable would be enough. In fact, we also realized that It is not so!

The D-Link VR Air Bridge that we are showing you in this review costs, on Amazon, approximately 99 euro. The cable Meta Quest Linkalso on Amazon, costs the same amount. Because, be careful, it is a different cable from the one used for charging; And longer and definitely better shielded. So, if the result is the same but the user experience improves, in our opinion yes.

It is true that you pay a little for the fact that it is original, but, in our experience, finding a compatible one, cheaper, and with the same performance it is not easy.

How to use

It's a device extremely simple to configure.

It's enough open the application Meta Quest Link on PC e connect the Air Bridge at the PC. Immediately, the Meta application recognizes it and takes us to the screen to configure it. In reality, in our opinion, “configuration” is a big word: we just need to choose the Wi-Fi password. After a maximum of three minutes, everything will be ready.

From inside the viewer, we will have to do the same operations which are done on normal Wi-Fi, only connecting to a different network: the dedicated one provided by the Air Bridge. From then on, it will be exactly business as usual.

Just a couple of small flaws

Obviously, perfection is not of this world. And, if we're being honest, a couple of small flaws There are.

Like all hardware devices, it sometimes behaves abnormally for no reason. In our case, we tested the same Air Bridge on four headsets: a Quest 2, a pair of Quest 3s and a Quest Pro. In almost all cases it worked the first timebut not for either Quest 3. Nothing irrecoverable: we have followed the instructions on the Meta website and we managed to get it started. However, we didn't understand why.

One thing we haven't explained to ourselves is why, every time you physically connect the Air Link to the PC, they are needed a good couple of minutes to have it available. Nothing broken, but we found it a bit strange and boring, since it's just about activating a Wi-Fi network. We are confident that the time will be shortened with one of the next software updates.

The D-Link VR Air Bridge review in brief

Il D-Link VR Air Bridgewhich we saw in this review, offers a simple solution to an annoying problem: eliminate the cable when connecting a Meta VR headset to the PC. This device performs a simple task, but he does it very well also thanks to a Optimized Wi-Fi 6 and to one Very accessible installation procedure.

D-Link's VR Air Bridge is available for purchase at a recommended price of around 99 euros. Since the cost is substantially same as that of the official Meta cableif you need it, we will we really recommend that you consider purchasing it.

To find out more about the technical specifications you can find more information on both the Meta website and the D-Link website.

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