Giuseppe Verdi and art: this is how nineteenth-century works are rediscovered thanks to TikTok

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The passion for Giuseppe Verdi and art is spreading on TikTok: nineteenth-century works are being rediscovered thanks to the Chinese social community. Never before can present-day situations be associated with paintings dating back centuries ago, with background music belonging to the great Italian Master.

On TikTok everyone is crazy about Giuseppe Verdi and art

Everyone is crazy about Verdi. Especially for his “Dies Irae”. Accomplices of this interest and rediscovery of the work, a series of paintings in which the subjects portrayed with irreverent poses have become a form of expression and commentary of the community.

In particular, it was The Hesitant Bride – the Hesitant Fiancee – by Auguste Toulmouche to return to the limelight more than 157 years after its creation – it is impossible not to be struck by the rebellious look of the young girl portrayed who has crossed the centuries and remains current – ​​accompanied by the evocative crescendo of the great composer.

TikTok Verdi

Dies Irae by Giuseppe Verdi

Of the nine sections of the colossal Requiem Mass dedicated to Alessandro Manzoni, it is in particular the first moments of the “Dies Irae” sung by the choir that were chosen as the musical track of the community videos – over 22 thousand videos shared. The sumptuous orchestral and choral roar which, as in Verdi’s opera indicates dismay, equally on TikTok is connected to the surprise and disbelief felt on occasions of comments or different everyday situations.

The hashtag on TikTok

The composer, universally recognized as one of the greatest of all time, was already known to the TikTok community: the hashtag #GiuseppeVerdi has, in fact, collected almost 12 million views. And, to reconfirm how the platform allows the discovery or rediscovery of songs of all genres, so too are the 5.8 billion views of the hashtag #classicalmusic.

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