Goat Simulator musical announced

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Coffee Stain announced that Goat Simulator will become a musical. No friends, it is not an April Fool but a real announcement. Let’s find out all the details together.

Goat Simulator, the musical is coming

Goat Simulator is one of the biggest additions to the world of video games of the last years. Production, which began as a joke, quickly became one of the most popular on the market and caused an avalanche of simulators more or less successful of anything.

The team of Coffee Stainthe head of this title, has decided to surprise us all once again by announcing the arrival of a cinematic musical with a crazy goat in the lead role. Friends, we repeat: it is not an exercise and not even an April Fool.

The script for Goat Simulator: The Musical Motion Picture was written by the same team as Coffee Stain. Currently, the cast is nearing completion. Below, however, we report the plot of the musical.

Pilgor, a small town goat, works on the farm like any other animal, but dreams of becoming a big music star. However, since childhood, she carries with her a strange and mysterious curse that causes him to encounter random and inexplicable catastrophes wherever she goes.

After being rejected by the other animals after a freak accident, Pilgor finally heads to the city in search of fame. Full of drama and chilling tension, Goat Simulator: The Musical Motion Picture will follow Pilgor’s attempts to conquer Hollywood. His curse, however, will cause sudden collisions with lots of colorful characters.

Pilgor’s first audition will lead to the abduction of aliens, the accidental summoning of a ghost as he prepares for the role, and even opening the portal to another dimension (overrun by the squirrel mafia) with overly enthusiastic responses to announcements. of work.

Will a dazzling personality, talent and a radiant goat smile be enough to convince Hollywood that Pilgor is the star they need? Will Pilgor be able to overcome her curse?