Goodram IRDM White review: the RAM you don’t expect

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Goodram IRDM White review: when style goes perfectly with elegance and performance. Let’s find out the new 3600 MHz together

Today we are talking about a product from Wilk Elektronika group that is increasingly establishing itself in the European market, also and above all for the leading brand Goodram, the latest product from the house based in Poland. That for the few who do not know it yet, it is a manufacturer specialized in memory production that designs and produces SSDs and RAMs since 1991, with multiple collaborations with Micron and Samsung. The aim of the brand is to create the best product at the best price.

The protagonist of today is the branded model IRG-W36D4L18S/16GDCnamed IRDM White. A product that from the very first moments, shines through quality both to the touch and in the materials. A refined design, and really pleasant, which manages to be elegant and never banal. Let’s get to the heart of the review, and find out how it will behave in the lack of proof.

Unboxing e design | Review Goodram IRDM White

No special packaging for this product. We simply have the product illustrations, which show the info regarding the features and the design.

Design, which as you can guess from the images, is very clean and free of distracting elements. We have the passive heat spreader layers which are aluminum with white plating, very qualitative. In the upper part we find the RGB LED strip set between the two heat spreaders. To the touch the structure is solid and well made.

These RAMs are made with a layout Chip Single Sidewhere the Chips are placed only on one side of the module, on the other we find the sponge layer to separate the IHS from the PCB, where instead there are the Chips, there is a thin thermal pad for dissipation. This is a Kit is from 16 GB (2x8GB kit), and it is also the only cut currently available, currently. Instead, let’s take a broader look at the specs, and find that its frequency is equal to 3600 MHzcon timing 18-22-22. A balanced cut with timings that are positioned in a medium / high cut in terms of performance.

The RAM as mentioned are RGB, however, there is currently no software dedicated to control e profile managementbut, just as it appears on the package, they are compatible with all major Desktop software.

In our case we tested them with the help of MSI Dragon Center, and they worked perfectly. Indeed, a small note regarding the RGB lighting, which is really strong and powerful, the colors very distinct, with a very high maximum brightness.

Technical specifications and performance | Goodram IRDM White review

The test bench we are testing, codenamed IRG-W36D4L18S / 16GDC, is a Dual Channel model, as mentioned with 3600MHz operating frequency and timing; 18-22-22flanked by operating voltages 1.35 V. The supply provenance of the chips used is not provided in detail, so we cannot know the exact type, nor is it detected by Thaiphoon Burner.

Thaiphoon Burner shows in this case a lot of info, except the origin of the Chipfor example B-Die or C-Die, only reports that it is Micron manufacturing chip. This leaves me foreshadowing, or at least assuming as we do not have certain information, that it is Micron E-diewell-calibrated and navigated modules, which are often found in this same configuration, but which do not always manage to offer very high performance, in Overclock, such as the B-Die chips to name the most famous or others.

Their advantage, however, is that they ensure a long service life and consistently constant performance. I’m in short, a safe choice. Also from the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) we can also see all the profiles conforming to the JEDEC standard.

What we know precisely is that they don’t handle overclocking very well. We did some tests, and the timings give out very soon, so we are forced to dilate the timings too much, and increase the voltages very severely, but this will not lead to an advantage in terms of performance. For which keep them with the factory profiles for which they have been calibrated. Also because, in their 3600MHz / 18-22-22 profile they ensure absolutely honest and respectable performancewhich with most processors will match perfectly.

  • Test Bench used;
  • Case: Be Quiet! Silent Base 802
  • Scheda Madre: MSI MPG B550 Gaming Plus
  • Dissipatore: Be Quiet! Silent Loop 2 360mm
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
  • GPU: Gigabyte 1050 TI
  • RAM: //

We carried out several Stressor and stability tests, many in daily use. A first initial test was the one carried out on Cinebench R20, with a score of 4987 at the first run, and 5013 at the second. This is the average obtained. Test carried out in Multi – Core. The second test performed was on Prime 95where it has successfully passed 30 minutes of stress test, so we tried to check the Cache values, through the settings FFT sizes. Con AIDA64 we also carried out the test lasting 30 minutes too. The results obtained were excellent, with always satisfactory performances, with no hesitation detected, and no negative Spikes as regards the operating voltages.

We then carried out definable tests “Real Usage”, Going to start 2 timelines on Premiere, a RAW file being processed in Lightroom, and several TABs opened in Chrome, all seasoned with a Prime 95 Stress Test carried out on Small FTT. Even in the same tests carried out on the Intel platform, the results were satisfactory.

Conclusions and price

We have come to conclusions regarding the new Goodram RAMs. We can certainly say that the new IRDM White are suitable for daily use, and goes very well with processors equipped with many cores for their bandwidth.. In their operating target they obviously respect the SPD profile tested by the company, so nothing to incriminate.

The quality / price ratio of this product is certainly related to the offer it is able to give. The aesthetic side is minimal and elegant, and goes well with different configurations.

In daily use, the performance has always satisfied us, and we can say that it is very good for most users, the latencies are not among the lowestthis is factual, and they don’t even allow you to venture into Overclocking practices, but they work perfectly with their standard profile. Overall they are promoted. They will soon arrive in the main e-commerce stores at the cost of 85/ 95 Euros approximately. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

Points in favor

  • Quality / price ratio for the frequencies
  • RGB design and lighting
  • Stability

Points against

  • Overclock not recommended
  • Timings not top notch
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