GoVR, the virtual reality platform for learning languages

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GoStudentone of the leading tutoring providers in the world, presents GoVR, an immersive virtual reality language learning platform designed for students aged 13-18. This innovative educational offering was designed in collaboration with Immersean award-winning VR training platform, and powered by Meta with a donation of Meta Quest 2 VR headsets.

GoVR to integrate technology into learning: the idea of ​​GoStudent

Go VR responds to the growing desire of European students to integrate more technology into their school curricula: in Italy, the GoStudent Future of Education Report 2023 revealed that 79% of 14-16-year-olds would like their school to increasingly apply technology to prepare them for their career future. Il 77%, Furthermore, finds it interesting to use the metaverse for educational purposes e il 61% believes that using these technologies would make learning more fun. Parents themselves (69%) understand its potential.

However, only 15% of studentsthe lowest percentage in Europe, believes that by 2050 learning will be done using virtual reality.

Go VR offers virtual reality group language learning experiences led by native-speaking tutors. The innovative format Go VR allows students to improve their foreign language speaking skills and build their confidence by recreating real-life scenes in a virtual world led by a tutor. Lessons Go VR they last 50 minutes and are organized in small groups (up to eight students) to guarantee an interactive, immersive and personalized learning experience. To access it, students can participate using a headset or via desktop.

GoVR of GoStudent. A word from Felix Ohswald, CEO and co-founder of GoStudent

Felix Ohswald, CEO and co-founder of GoStudent comments: “Go VR represents a giant leap in language learning. We have transformed the traditional classroom into an engaging playground where students can experiment, interact and learn languages ​​in fun and effective ways. Our partnership con Immerse e Meta further consolidates our position as a leader in EdTech e we are confident that GoVR can support our mission to provide innovative and personalized learning experiences to students”.

Tutors join sessions from their devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones, while students can also join via VR, creating an immersive learning environment.

The opinion of Nick Clegg, President Global Affairs of Meta

“For most of us, learning is socialization: we learn from and with each other and from each other’s experiences. That’s why the unique sense of presence and immersion these technologies create can revolutionize education. Partners like GoStudent will help us understand how teachers and students can get the most out of these technologies,” he said Nick Clegg, President Global Affairs of Meta.

The advantages of VR technology in language learning are evident in the research conducted by Immerse. Their studies show significant improvements in listening and reading skills as a result of VR experiences, with 98.8% of students who reported an improvement in spoken English. Additionally, after just 200 minutes spent on the platform, students saw an 8.5% increase in English language scores, proving how VR learning surpasses conventional classroom methods.

At the heart of the mission of GoStudent there is a dedication to innovation for a more effective, engaging and enjoyable learning experience.

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