Growth sectors in the last 18 months

We are approaching the end of this 2021, which has brought great news, while following the trends and trends of the previous year. What have been the growing sectors?

Since the outbreak of the global Covid-19 pandemic, many trends and trends that seemed to lead the market towards the 2020s have been reversed. Now, after 18 months, we can finally begin to analyze which sectors have grown in this period, despite or because of the pandemic itself. At a time of apparent global crisis, it is good to recognize how the economy is continuing to grow, laying the foundations for a renewed system that will hopefully overcome current problems.

Digitization processes

With the total closure caused by the pandemic there has been a big push in the digitization processes. This has touched many areas, to create a continuity between pre-Covid life and that marked by lockdowns and restrictions. One of the sectors that have been influenced by this trend is that of entertainment. Streaming services such as Amazon Prime or Netflix have grown dramatically, providing on-demand audiovisual entertainment that can satisfy a multitude of different tastes. Personalization was a key to this success, along with the wide variety of titles on offer. Shopping has also changed shape: the transition to e-commerce marked this period significantly, giving different results. First of all, there has been a great growth of services such as Shopify, which allows you to build an e-commerce website in a simple way, helping to grow small businesses of artisans or dropshipping shops. On the other hand, we cannot ignore the enormous impact that Amazon has had in these 18 months, continuing to provide quality services and without too many hitches, despite the trend of sustainability having given some signs of disapproval. As a final example of the digitization of daily life, we can bring that of encounters. For some years dating sites have been increasingly popular to allow members to meet new people and have interesting experiences, but during these different times, dating sites have become a place to make new acquaintances but also just share a few words with others. self-like users. Those who want to find a good site can rely on Lovinos, in which reviews and ratings of different dating sites are published, with practical advice to have a positive experience.

Sustainability and green transition

Along with the health emergency, it is certainly very important to think about the climate one as well. For decades there have been movements and congresses that come together to reverse the course of global warming, and today we can finally see how these actions are affecting the market. 2050 is the year Europe hopes to achieve zero climate impact, and time seems really tight. For this reason, the investments and popularity of many more sustainable companies are increasing, starting with those that produce natural or renewable energy. At the same time, the internal processes of companies will also have to increasingly focus on the use of recyclable materials and the circular economy. This means that the production of these materials will increase at the expense of those of disposable plastic materials. Circular Economy, on the other hand, refers to processes and systems based on recycling and reuse, where production decreases to make room for repair and recycling. All this will also have an impact on people’s shopping habits, who will be increasingly aware of what they eat, wear and choose. The production and management of household waste will also change slowly: the demand for responsible separate collection will increase and the purchase of highly packaged products will decrease where possible.

Internet security

With the phenomenon of digitalization, more and more important parts of our life are now on the internet. Whether they are banking data, personal images or simple social network accounts, each individual is increasingly exposed to possible attacks on the network. The same is true for companies, which with the digitization of processes and information also relating to financial administration, need to defend themselves better and better from hackers and Cyber ​​Risks. This is the basic reason why the Internet Security sector is growing slowly but steadily, offering increasingly requested and necessary services. An important section is that of protecting systems and data that are already online, with targeted actions depending on the size and budget, but equally fundamental are the creation of systems that are safe from the start, especially for those companies that have just massive digitization processes started. The trend of home automation and the Internet of Things is also contributing to the growth of the need for security, given the many devices always connected to the Internet and the sensitivity of the actions and data that could be obtained from a violation.