GTA: The Trilogy meets Take-Two’s expectations

Nonostante i problemi al lancio GTA: The Trilogy soddisfa le aspettative di Take-Two thumbnail

That of the remaster of GTA: The Trilogy was certainly not a successful launch, but the leaders of Take-Two at the moment say they are satisfied.

GTA: The Trilogy – Take-Two CEO talks about issues during the release

Recently interviewed by CNBC Strauss Zelnick, CEO di Take-Two, spoke of GTA: The Trilogy. In particular, the executive focused on the problems of the highly anticipated remaster of the Grand Theft Auto trilogy:

“As for the GTA trilogy, actually the launch was complex, also because it was a remaster of pre-existing titles. Furthermore, once the initial technical problems were overcome, the game went very well, contributing a lot to the growth of the company ”.

Take-Two, remember, is the publisher of the GTA franchise, whose developer is Rockstar Games. By “initial technical problems” Zelnick refers to the numerous bugs present in the remaster, which sparked a real riot from players and forced Rockstar Games into a public apology. However, the problems seem to have been solved and the future for Take-Two looks bright. The publisher has in fact recently purchased the popular software house for mobile games Zynga, getting their hands on the popular smartphone and tablet titles developed by the company.

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