Guerrilla Games: Looking for staff for a new multiplayer game

While Guerrilla Games is still working on Horizon Forbidden West, someone is now looking for someone to develop a new multiplayer game

The famous videogame house Guerrilla Games, known to the public for titles such as the Killzone series, that of Horizon and also Shellshock: Nam ’67, is therefore looking for a responsible for quality control of a new multiplayer game not yet announced. But let’s go on with a bit of calm.

Guerrilla Games: a new multiplayer game in sight?

Despite the new multiplayer game that will bring the signature of Guerrilla Games has been “confirmed” by some rumors and rumors, however, take the news with due pliers, what is not yet known is what kind of videogame experiment it will be.

At the moment the best hypotheses concern the possibility that it is a more cooperative open world set in fantastic universe of the Horizon series. Digging by digging, it also seems that this project is in the pipeline even from the “far away” 2018 and be guided by Simon Larouche (obviously we’re not talking about the actor).

Guerrilla Games: Looking for staff for a new multiplayer game

Unfortunately to understand what exactly it is we will have to wait a little longer as the studio is currently very busy completing work on Horizon Forbidden West which is published for both PS4 that for PS5, should have been set towards mid-February next year.

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