Halo: 343 Industries confirms that we will have new games in the saga in the future

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343 Industries has confirmed with a post on twitter that the Halo saga does not end here and we will see new games in the future

The fear arose in the players that the saga of Halo would have died without seeing new games comes from the latest news about the Microsoft layoffs. Indeed, it was recently confirmed that Microsoft is laying off nicely 10,000 employees across the company, also impacting a number of game development studios under the Xbox umbrella. One such study is right 343 Industriesin light of which recent reports have claimed that the studio has been drastically scaled back.

We will have new Halo games!

Thankfully 343 Industries has come forward to clarify the situation and publicly stated that we will have new halo games in the future. This statement was published on the official Halo page where 343 Industries confirmed that it will continue to develop new chapters of the saga for both single player and multiplayer. 343 Industries recently reiterated that Halo Infinite is on track to receive new add-on content in the coming months, in line with its previously shown roadmap.

In the meantime, Certain Affinity he is also currently working on new content for the shooter. Amid the layoffs and restructuring of 343 Industries, the head of creative was also confirmed Joseph Staten has left the firm. Recently, former Halo Infinite senior multiplayer designer Patrick Wren criticized the studio and Microsoft for the layoffs, criticizing the leadership for being grossly incompetent. Recall that Halo Infinite is available from launch on the Game Pass, on Xbox Series X, S and PC.

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