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TRUST & TEUFEL: a Valentine’s Day between love and technology

TRUST & TEUFEL together for Valentine’s Day! A wide choice of technological gifts for your better half

Like every year, after Christmas, the inexorable dilemma of which gift to give to your lover for Valentine’s Day arrives. Being able to find the right gift, which can surprise the recipient is not easy! But if your other half is passionate about technology then the gift can become not only useful, but also smart! So no red roses or beard sets this year! For true techno-lovers, Trust and Teufel, a Berlin company renowned internationally for its quality audio systems, will allow you to find the perfect love gift for him and her.

Details on TRUST & TEUFEL products to give on Valentine’s Day

Below is a wide selection of products for you to give to your love for Valentine’s Day.

  • Sketch – Wireless mouse with quiet clicks in flat design and eye-catching graphics ideal for the more creative soul of the couple. Price: €19.99.
  • Yvi+ – Among the latest arrivals of the brand with a simple and linear design, silent snap buttons and energy-saving on / off switch, it is made with 83% recycled plastic and has a completely plastic-free packaging, in sustainable cardboard. A perfect gift for anyone who cares about the environment. Price: €14.99.
  • Bologna Stock Exchange – For 16-inch laptops produced by recycling up to 11 PET bottles. Available in different colors (green, black, blue and red) perfect for every mood and represents the perfect companion for every business trip. Ideal for those who travel often for work. Price: 22.99 euros.
  • Yvo Set 2-in-1 – Reversible laptop sleeve and a compact wireless mouse for those who want to be comfortable and organized. A smart and comfortable gift to keep your desk tidy. Price: 24.99 euros.

Per il gamer-lover a headset to have crystal clear communication thanks to the microphone and with on-ear controls to lower or raise the volume without losing concentration in the game. The GXT 391 THIAN are wireless headphones in eco-friendly material and built-in rechargeable battery guarantees up to 13 hours of play. Price: 69.99 euros.

TRUST & TEUFEL: a Valentine's Day between love and technology

TRUST & TEUFEL products to give on Valentine’s Day: BOOMSTER GO and BOOMSTER STEREO SET

Speaker category, compact and versatile, the BOOMSTER GO, also in the stereo version, are the perfect gift for those who love to enjoy their playlist in company. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, the device allows music streaming from any App and for stereo sound, just pair two devices and connect them directly to your smartphone. With playback capacity of up to 10 hours, these colorful accessories are water resistant to IPX7 standard and feature a rubberized body that offers additional shock protection, to answer its maximum portability for any adventure for two! BOOMSTER GO is available on the official Teufel website in the Night black, Sand white, Space blue, Coral red, Ivy green colors at the price of €99.99. The BOOMSTER GO Stereo-Set at the price of €179.99 is perfect for a couple’s gift.

ZOLA : unforgettable vibes for a colorful love

The new headset with a clean design is accompanied by a set of accessories, available in 6 different colors. Coral Red, Golden Amber, Grape & Aqua and Teal & Lime, which are added to the basic colors, Light Gray and Dark Gray. With extra-large 40mm drivers that for proper acoustic propulsion. They have a soft lining that makes them light and comfortable to wear even during long gaming sessions. Present the swivel HD condenser microphone. Also available for the Zolas is the free Teufel Audio Center software which gives access to a number of setting options for sound and microphone. Price 129.99 euros. The covers are on sale for 19.99 euros/pair. The set, consisting of two ear cushions and a sponge protection for the microphone, costs 24.99 euros in all six colors as accessories.

TRUST & TEUFEL: a Valentine's Day between love and technology

AIRY SPORTS: dynamic rhythm for sporty lovers

AIRY SPORTS earphones have been designed to offer high listening quality. As well as maximum resistance and autonomy during the sessions. With linear HD driver (12mm) and an aluminum voice coil, they guarantee excellent sound fidelity, excellent resistance to water and sweat thanks to the IPX7 certification. From the large battery, up to 25 hours of battery life, they are powerful and resistant. For an original and practical gift, through the Share Me function, they allow you to share listening to the same song or playlist during training sessions. The AIRY SPORTS are available in Night black, Moon gray, Steel blue, Coral pink and Arctic blue at the price of €119.99.

For travelers in love: Real Blue TWS2

They are in-ear headphones, equipped with active noise cancellation and a long battery life. The Real Blue TWS 2 headphones are comfortable to wear, thanks also to the five pairs of super soft silicone ear tips included, with sizes ranging from XS to XL. In short, suitable for any ear, they can also be used in Transparency mode, which reverses the noise suppression and thus allows you to hear external sounds. A particularly useful feature for listening to train announcements
or even just to chat with a friend without necessarily having to remove the headphones. Furthermore, integration with the proprietary Teufel Headphones app will allow the most ardent audiophiles to manage the equalization of in-ear headphones directly from their smartphones. Prezzo €149,99.

And you? What do you think of these TRUST & TEUFEL products to give on Valentine’s Day? ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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