Heaven Dust 2 arriva su PC e Nintendo Switch

Heaven Dust 2 arriva su PC e Nintendo Switch thumbnail

Heaven Dust 2 – Indienova has announced that the video game, survival horror inspired by Residen Evil, will arrive on PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch, with a price of 14.99 euros.

Developed by One Gruel Studio, a team of two, Heaven Dust 2 will offer its players themes such as exploration, action, puzzles and resource management.

Heaven Dust 2: the features of the game

As mentioned, the game is a survival horror that mixes different elements within it and that compared to the first chapter of the series has improved in several aspects, with highly defined and detailed graphics and effects to involve users even more from the first moment. .

Furthermore, an evolved combat system will allow you to be even more into the battle with various weapons: from daggers to machine guns passing through rifles and grenades, in a range of choices that will serve – from time to time – to counter enemies and plan strategies. discovering weaknesses and gaps.

Attention then to zombies like Bone Fiend and Blood Fiend: they too will be part of the various battles in intertwining chains that will make the gameplan as compelling as it is fun, in a game that will ultimately offer the possibility of a “definitive choice”, from the moment that players will be able to opt for two different endings.

The point of view of the developers

From One Gruel Studio they reveal: “It took us two years to develop it. We have worked on everything trying to make continuous improvements to the game since the first chapter of the series. We have our community to thank for supporting us and pushing us to do better. We had fun and we hope it will be the same for them too. If all goes well, we could push ourselves to work on a new chapter of the game “.

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