Here’s how to talk to Bing Chat on your computer – new from Microsoft

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ChatGPT continues to surprise and it’s all thanks to a new update introduced by Microsoft. Thanks to it, the ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot is able to dialoguealmost naturally, with people and has a voice of his own.

ChatGPT is now able to talk to people in a voice of its own

The artificial intelligence of OpenAI finally has its own synthetic voice. Thanks to an update from Microsoft’s developers, ChatGPT is now able to respond by voice, as well as “listen” the people who ask him questions. The support is, for now, related to the home web browsing program, Microsoft Edge, in the computer version. Microsoft has confirmed that Bing Chat it will also arrive very soon on Safari and Chrome.

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Microsoft itself said the following on the official project blog. “We know many of you like to use voice input for mobile chat. Now this mode is also available on desktop to talk to Bing. Just click the microphone icon in the chat box. We currently support English, Japanese, French, German and Mandarin, with more languages ​​on the way.”

Copilot: Microsoft PowerPoint AI

Copilot will allow users to interact with PowerPoint in a conversational way (just like on Bing Chat and ChatGPT). It will thus be possible to ask AI to create PowerPoint presentations in an automated waystarting from the indications that the user will give to the artificial intelligence.

Users will then be able to use commands such as “add animations to this slide” or “apply a different style to this slide”. This way you don’t have to manually work on the project. Not only that: AI will be able to provide suggestions to users, to stimulate the creativity of their projects. In announcing the Copilot, Microsoft said:

“Copilot in PowerPoint helps you turn your ideas into stunning presentations. As a narrator partner, Copilot can turn written documents into slides complete with speaker notes and sources, or start a new presentation from a simple prompt.”

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