Herz in the City: a new location in Milan Central Station

Herz in Città: una nuova location in stazione Centrale a Milano thumbnail

The Hertz in Città project also reaches Milan where a Hertz point returns to the Central Station. The strategic location is fully part of the new Hertz initiative in the City which started at the end of the lock down, when the resumption of travel has restarted railway traffic.

This project involves the renovation of some of the Italian Hertz local offices in order to respond to the growing needs of proximity mobility generated by the Covid contingency which since last year has shifted the mobility flows of Guests from the airport offices to the city ones. The new Hertz location in Milan also represents a strategic point for the purposes of inter-modality, in fact it allows Hertz Guests to be offered the freedom to easily reach the car pick-up point. Located on the ground floor of the Central Station, on the Piazza Luigi di Savoia side, it is well identified and easily accessible upon arrival at the station.

The interventions on the premises have favored a conservative restoration to maintain and enhance the more classic elements of the historic building. The door, for example, required an important intervention but will soon be reassembled in its original location. Obviously, the restoration of the new location also highlighted all the interventions aimed at maximizing the necessary measures to offer Guests a safe and sanitized environment for the purpose of preventing the spread of Covid.

Massimiliano Archiapatti, General Manager and CEO of Hertz Italy commented as follows: “I am very happy to see the developments of this project, born, like others, in the pandemic period, a difficult time for everyone but at the same time it spurred us to find new solutions and stimuli to always respond in a
punctual way to the needs of our guests. The Hertz project in the city is one of the testimonies of the spirit of maximum flexibility and adaptability that the whole Hertz team has put into place, now more than ever. This new location represents a very strategic point especially in this period of restart in which the railway flows
are growing again and an important player like Hertz could not miss this appointment. “

The Hertz location in Milan Central Station has the same anti-Covid security equipment that has been adopted by the entire network, which ensures that flows within the location can take place in maximum safety for guests and Hertz staff, in addition to the devices for sanitizing the rooms and available to the Guests.