Honda CB500F, CBR500R, CB500X: important updates coming soon

Honda CB500F, CBR500R, CB500X: in arrivo importanti aggiornamenti e nuove prestazioni thumbnail

Honda CB500F, Honda CBR500R and Honda CB500X: the three 500cc dedicated to A2 license holders receive important updates for 2022, aimed at improving their performance.

Honda CB500F, Honda CBR500R and Honda CB500X: what are the updates for 2022?

A 41mm Showa SFF-BP upside-down fork, a new and lighter swingarm, lighter rims and a new 296mm double front disc for the brakes.

In addition to these four “advancements”, the injection settings have been updated to emphasize torque delivery and give the bikes even more character. In addition to this, we must add the fact that all three motorcycles
are enriched with new graphics and color variations.


Honda CB500F, Honda CBR500R and Honda CB500X: features

As for the brilliant 500cc twin-cylinder engine, the beating heart of the three bikes, it has been updated in the electronic injection settings. PGM-FI so as to emphasize the torque delivery and make the bike more brilliant, while maintaining the limit of 35kW of maximum power allowed for A2 license holders.

Thanks to the compact dimensions and the ease of driving that distinguishes them, the three Honda 500cc are not only suitable for those who want to learn to ride a motorcycle, but also for anyone who comes from a 125, descends from a larger displacement or gets back in the saddle after a long time, and simply wants to have fun and enjoy, every time you get on the saddle, the pleasure of riding.


On the market…

Not surprisingly, since their introduction in 2013, Honda has sold over 106,000 units of these 500cc bikes throughout Europe: the CB500F “roadster” is the most purchased, with roughly half of total sales; the CBR500R, with its racing character, reaches 18%, while the CB500X, thanks to its adventure soul, achieves about 35% of the total.

A research carried out by Honda on a representative sample of its customers has clearly shown the fascination that each of these bikes can arouse on different demographic classes of riders. 45% of CB500F and CBR500R owners, in fact, are made up of neophytes, with respectively 45% and 60% under the age of 34, which clearly demonstrates how these bikes have been instrumental in attracting the new generations to the world of two wheels.

In contrast, over 75% of CB500X owners are experienced riders. To these, however, we must also add a further 15% composed of those who have felt drawn back to the saddle by the all-round charm offered by this compact adventure bike with a robust style, with long-travel suspension and upright riding position.

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