How to get the maximum performance from your PC-gaming according to Kingston

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How to get the maximum performance from your PC-gaming according to Kingston. In this article useful and above all practical advice

In recent years, gaming has witnessed a huge evolution. Both in terms of technology and market. Gamers are increasingly numerous and increasingly demanding, and there is no room for improvisation: maximum realism, video sharpness, memory capacity and speed of response are all characteristics that can no longer be renounced. Yet, keeping up with market news is quite expensive and sometimes almost impossible. The good news is that it is not always necessary to buy a new PC, but it is sufficient to upgrade some components to obtain level performance and an immersive game, saving money and customizing your system to the maximum depending on your style of play

These were the words of Fabio CislaghiBusiness Development Manager Italy di Kingston Technology. Which, placing the emphasis on the theme of new market needs, launches an important message, which inevitably declares the direction that Kingston will take from a gaming point of view and beyond. No more talk, let’s get to the heart of the article with the main points declared. And let’s find out how to get the maximum performance from your PC-gaming according to Kingston.

How to get the maximum performance from your PC-gaming according to Kingston

Kingston’s 5 practical tips

When it comes to gaming, one cannot ignore the element that makes the difference in the gaming experience: the computer. While it is true that today we can easily find many high-performance devices suitable for gaming, it is also true that keeping up with modern technologies is almost impossible. This is why proceeding with the upgrade of the components rather than buying a brand new computer can be a smart and cost-effective solution.

Whether you are a professional gamer or an enthusiast, Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory products and technological solutions, offers you its guide to optimize your gaming computer, thanks to a true pro upgrade. Here’s what they are;

1 – The brain of your computer: the CPU

The central processing unit, better known as the CPU, represents the brain of the laptop: upgrading the CPU significantly increases the performance of your old PC. Upgrading the CPU is easier than you might think. Indeed, according to a Kingston Technology poll on Twitter, in which over 5,000 people took part, 40% of respondents said they plan to upgrade the CPU of their device to improve its performance: in fact, along with adding more RAM and a new graphics card, it’s one of the most useful things to do, because it increases processing power, making applications and system startup faster, as well as smoother game.

There are various specifications to consider when choosing an ideal CPU, such as clock speed and core count, along with other parameters. Typically, the higher the clock speedthe faster the CPU and the more cores, the more operations the CPU can handle.

How to get the maximum performance from your PC-gaming according to Kingston

2 – The CPU’s ally: the GPU

Can’t play a game you just installed on your PC because it tells you that the video card drivers are out of date? This is because another important element to consider is the GPU, graphics processing unit, which, together with the CPU, is the basis of the production of smooth and homogeneous frame rates and therefore of gaming experiences, in high resolution. All laptops have a GPU, but if you want to enhance your gaming experience by getting a better display of the system, we recommend upgrading to a higher-performance, dedicated GPU that can provide the extra horsepower you need.

We continue with the advice on how to get the maximum performance from your PC-gaming with a fundamental part, Storage.

3 – Storage: the long-term memory of your PC

Memory measures the amount of data a computer can remember or store; but, like the human brain, memory functioning is separated into two different functions: short-term memory and long-term memory. Long-term storage is any file that you want to keep even after you shut down your system. This type of memory is also known as storage and various other names.

If you’re looking to speed up and optimize gaming performance and add storage to your PC, it might be time to upgrade to a 4th generation SSD. Why is it important for gaming? Because in order to achieve faster loading of files and programs, therefore reducing boot times for games and overall system speed, solid state drivessuch as Kingston Technology’s FURY Renegade line, deliver dramatically higher performance than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), in every aspect of gaming.

How to get the maximum performance from your PC-gaming according to Kingston

4 – RAM for maximum realism

While much more data can be stored on storage devices, such as internal or external drives and solid-state drives (SSDs), accessing that data isn’t as fast as it is from RAM. If you’re tired of having your gaming sessions ruined by performance issues, you’ll be pleased to know that many of these issues can be fixed with a simple RAM upgrade. an essential element to live your gaming experience with maximum realism. If your laptop struggles to load programs and does not respond to commands during the most intense phases of gaming sessions, the problem has most likely come It’s time to upgrade your RAM.

Referring once again to Kingston’s Twitter poll, it emerges that memory is also a relevant element when it comes to upgrades, particularly if we take into consideration both the SSD and the RAM, we can say that more than 60% of users answered that they want to update these components. If that’s the case for you, fortunately, you don’t need to throw away your old PC, but you can fix slow performance issues by installing high-quality memory. such as the Kingston and Kingston FURY memory lines, which allow in-game levels and effects to load faster, so as to eliminate downtime and not distract gamers from the action. In any case, speaking of both SSD and DRAM, always remember to check compatibility with your system first, in order to make the correct purchase.

How to get the maximum performance from your PC-gaming according to Kingston

5 – The Display

Once you’ve updated and replaced the elements that slowed down your PC, don’t forget the display, which is essential for maximum gaming performance. In this case we suggest using an external monitor for gaming sessions. Consider the resolution, which is higher the sharper the image. Kingston Technology’s advice is: also evaluate the refresh rate, which, to obtain smooth gaming sessions, should be at least 144 Hz.

That was all for this guide with practical advice on how to get the maximum performance from your PC-gaming, if you want to keep learning about the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from