How to install Fortnite on iPhone using AppCake

Come installare Fortnite su iPhone usando AppCake

How to install Fortnite on iPhone using AppCake? Let’s find out the complete guide to install the Epic Games title on iOS devices

Fortnite, one of the most popular games ever, has been removed from the iOS App Store. The reason? Because they chose to implement their own payment system, denying Apple their 30% commission. But what matters is that you can still play it. All you need is an unofficial app installer called AppCake that works without jailbreaking. Read on for more information.

How to download AppCake to install Fortnite on iPhone

  • First, using the Safari browser on your iPhone to download AppCake
  • Click Install in the popup message
  • Enter the access code if necessary
  • Wait for the icon to appear on the home screen and pay attention to the completion of the installation.
  • How to Authorize AppCake to Install Fortnite on iPhone

    The Untrusted Developer error, which appears when you tap the app icon, appears because Apple does not know and / or does not trust third-party developers, however you can easily fix the problem:

  • Open Settings> General and go to Profiles
  • Choose the AppCake profile
  • Click on Authorize and close Settings
  • You can now use AppCake to install Fortnite.

    How to install Fortnite on iPhone using AppCake

  • Launch AppCake from the main screen
  • Use the Safari browser to download Fortnite IPA (unfortunately we are unable to provide you with the link, but you can easily find it on the web). What is an IPA?
  • Open the file with AppCake
  • Open AppCake and go to downloads
  • Click on the IPA file and wait for it to be registered and installed
  • Note that you may need to perform the steps in the previous point to fix the Untrusted Developer error when opening Fortnite

    AppCake functionality

    AppCake offers many cool features, including:

    • Thousands of unofficial apps and games
    • No annoying advertisements
    • Intuitive
    • Simple installation thanks to Enterprise Developers
    • Option for faster downloads via Torrent

    How to delete AppCake or Fortnite

    The procedure for removing Fortnite or AppCake from your device is quite simple. Choose one of these methods:

    Method 1: clear the icon

  • Long press the Fortnite or AppCake icon on the home screen
  • Wait until the app starts vibrating and tap the little cross in the top corner
  • Click Delete in the popup message
  • Method 2: delete the profile

  • Open Settings> General> Profiles
  • Find and tap the profile you want to delete
  • Click Delete Profile and close Settings
  • Frequently asked questions on how to install Fortnite on iPhone using AppCake

    Here we provide answers to frequently asked questions about AppCake.

    What is AppCake?

    It is an alternative App Store for iOS users that offers the ability to recognize and install IPA files and “.deb” files that Apple has banned from the official store. It is easy to use and you can both download pre-installed apps and IPA files downloaded using the Safari browser. AppCake used to be a jailbreak tweak, only available through Cydia, however it can now be downloaded without jailbreak as well.

    It’s safe?

    Absolutely. You are not jailbreaking, nor are you using your Apple ID to install it, so this is a safe practice. It won’t harm your device, operating system or apps, or compromise your privacy and data.

    Is my warranty safe?

    Yes, for the above reasons. Since AppCake does not require a jailbreak, this means that you are not breaking Apple’s regulations and not compromising the security of your device. If you’re unsure and need to take your iPhone or iPad to an Apple Store, delete AppCake and reinstall it later.

    Do I need to jailbreak to install AppCake?

    No, just follow the installation steps to download AppCake on your device. You won’t need to jailbreak or give special permissions.

    Can I install it on Android?

    No, AppCake is an App Store for iOS and there are no plans to develop an Android version. If you find links on the Internet that promise to download the APK version for Android, they are scams.

    Is it compatible with iOS 13?

    Yes, the app is fully compatible with iOS 13 and in the near future it will also be compatible with iOS 14.

    Why has Apple banned from installing Fortnite on iPhone from their official App Store?

    Despite being one of the most popular apps ever released, Apple made the decision to ban Fortnite from the official App Store after the developers of Epic Games had decided to implement a payment system that bypassed Apple’s, denying the Cupertino company the 30% commission for each purchase. This is the culmination of a long-standing feud between Apple and Epic Games that only had the effect of harming users. You don’t have to give up playing Fortnite on your iOS device. Until and as long as Epic Games fails to restore the game, you can simply download AppCake and play Fortnite. What’s more, AppCake also gives you thousands of other games and apps to choose from. So, download it today and get back to playing your favorite Battle Royale.