Imoo Ear-care Headset review: the perfect headphones for your baby?

In this article the review of the Imoo Ear-care Headset a pair of headphones especially for children. A delicate topic that of little children, especially when it comes to their health. Let’s find out why these headphones are suitable for them thanks to this review

Nowadays we parents (yes I am too) have to deal with a new reality. Whether you want smartphones, tablets, and electronics in many forms or not, it is (also) within the reach of the little ones. Quite right? Mistaken? I believe the truth lies somewhere in between but I also believe that it is almost inevitable that our children spend their time in the company of an electronic device for a few minutes (if not hours).

There has been a lot of talk in the past about eye protection, we ourselves have reviewed the Nowave glasses, but we don’t often hear about another very important sense to safeguard. Obviously I’m talking about hearing.

Often a pair of headphones is lent to the little ones or they are given those that are supplied with the smartphone on duty. Today I want to introduce you between strengths and weaknesses headphones especially for children Imoo Ear-care Headset.

Imoo Ear-care Headset review: the perfect headphones for your baby?

Let’s discover these gaming headphones thanks to their technical data sheet

  • Speaker Soundbeaming large 16.2 mm
  • Infrared usage sensor for automatic start and pause
  • 1 hour charge quick
  • 8 hours in duration battery
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with up to 10m range
  • Strong and sturdy design built to stay on children’s heads
  • Extremely materials light e antiallergics

As you can guess from the specifications Imoo has really thought of everything. If the specifications declared by the house were not enough, there is another piece that guarantees its reliability. The volume of the Imoo Ear-care headphones reaches a maximum of 85dB to meet the recommendations of the World Health Organization to protect children’s ears from early hearing damage.

In a nutshell, in addition to hypoallergenic materials, there are other functions that can safeguard the hearing of the little ones. The sound diffusion system itself takes place by means of an “indirect system”. In simple words, the headphones will not be inserted like the classic headphones we are used to but will be placed under the tragus, the outermost part of the ear.

Not going into direct contact with the ear canal makes it easier to preserve hearing. The photos will definitely help make the concept easier.

Imoo Ear-care Headset review: the perfect headphones for your baby?

Packaging and design | Imoo Ear-care Headset Review

Inside the Imoo Ear-care Headset package we will find the bare essentials. That is: our headphones, a charging cable (which you can connect to any smartphone charger) and an instruction booklet.

The metallic green color makes them nice even to the little ones and unisex. The anatomical shape makes them comfortable even after a long time of use. The materials used despite the lightness are very resistant. Resistance and weight are two indispensable factors if you want to let the little ones use the same.

The upper headband is covered with a rubberized sheath that makes them soft to the touch and prevents the possibility of getting hurt even when playing in an impetuous way. The final parts are made of a more rigid plastic but the part that comes into contact with the ear is also rubberized.

The package immediately shows the contents with a window view. The box is minimal and devoid of information which are all contained in the internal booklet.

Usage and functionality

We have been testing the Imoo Ear-care Headsets for a long time and now we can give a full judgment on these headphones especially for children.

The headphones despite being designed precisely for an audience of smaller ones retain an excellent audio sector and do not shell even by maximizing their power. The bluetooth connection is very stable and we never noticed any disconnections whatsoever. Charging takes place in a short time and with a latest generation charger it takes about 70 minutes.

The declared 8 hour usage time if used correctly is also exceeded. Thanks to the IP54 certification, even splashes of water are not a problem and now that we go against the summer, it makes us feel much calmer.

Another feature not to be underestimated is that of the infrared usage sensor. This feature will allow you to pause or play the video you are playing when you take off or put on the headphones. A great way to manage the battery and more.

In short, we are faced with a pair of really well made headphones. Of course they are not cheap (about 60 euros) but I believe that for the health of our little ones we cannot and should not look too much at money.

Who should buy these Imoo Ear-care Headsets?

In conclusion, we would like to recommend this pair of baby headphones to every caring parent. Against a slightly higher expense than a pair of “standard” headphones, you can have a pair of headphones designed specifically for children. Overall robustness, IP54 certification, 85dB to meet World Health Organization recommendations and placement below the ear canal make them a must have for the little ones.

As mentioned, a pair of bluetooth headphones can be found with 20 euros everywhere now, but where the choice of an adult can only stop on the quality of the audio for the little ones we should pay attention to many more details. Thanks to these Imoo Ear-care Headsets you can sleep peacefully, at least as regards the hearing of your beloved little earthquakes.

Great headphones for small children

Points in favor

  • Excellent materials
  • Think for the health of children
  • Resistant and IP54 certified
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