Victoria 3: here is the announcement of the game coming out on PC and Game Pass

The fan community has been clamoring for it for many years now, and after a long wait Paradox has decided to meet their requests: the announcement of Victoria 3, the sequel to the strategic released in 2010, has finally arrived.

Victoria is one of the many strategic series of Paradox Interactive: its peculiarity compared to, for example, Europa Universalis or Crusader Kings, is the marked attention to the aspects economic and political of the game, focusing less on the war aspect. This series, whose first chapter was released in 2003, has been able to form a considerable circle of fans; the same fans who, after Victoria II released in 2010, have been clamoring for the development of a third chapter. In the end it seems to have been worth it: it has finally arrived the official announcement of Victoria 3, complete with trailers and information that we will analyze below.

The announcement of Victoria 3 by Paradox and the trailer

According to the official announcement of Paradox about Victoria 3:

After years of community inquiries and curiosity about the future of one of the company’s iconic games, Victoria 3 has become one of the most anticipated great strategy games in Paradox history.

Also according to the official release, Victoria 3 will be a “society simulator” set in times of great social and political change. You will have to keep track of the needs and wants of your own national population, each with their own political and material preferences. There will be conservative factions that will try to resist political reform, while an ever-increasing number of traders and intellectuals will try to demand more say in the decision of national policies. A wide range of products can be exchanged with nations all over the world, and it will be important that trade is well exploited: if the populations are starving and deprived of civil rights, the revolution will knock on your door.

The game, in line with the two previous chapters, promises a profound social simulation which will allow players to improve the lives of citizens in their country, see the wonders of the Victorian age and engage in deep diplomatic, political and economic systems. For the choice of the nation to control, there will be spoiled for choice: at the beginning of the game the players will have to select one of the 183 countries available in the game. The game will be released for PC, and will be available from day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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