Incastrati: first series of Ficarra and Picone

Only from January 1st 2022 exclusively on Netflix, Incastrati, the very first series written, directed and starring Ficarra and Picone

Stuck is a comedy series, divided into six episodes explaining through language and irony (typical of Ficarra and Picone), they tell, in perfect and harmonious comedy style, in some misunderstandings, a criminal story.

At the center of the story we find two friends (Ficarra and Picone) who remain involved in the events of a homocide excellent. Trying to escape, however, the two get more and more into trouble, finding themselves in a growing vortex of events that will even lead them to come to terms with the mafia.

Incastrati: first series of Ficarra and Picone

Stuck: film, release, cast

In the cast of Incastrati in addition to the two protagonists, Except Ficarra and Valentino Picone, in the respective roles of Salvo and Valentino we find: Marianna di Martino in the role of Agata Scalia, Anna Favella in the role of Ester, Tony Sperandeo in Tonino Macaluso, said “Useless thing“, Maurizio Marchetti in the role of Goalkeeper Martorana, Mary Cipolla la Lady Antoinette, and again Domenico Centamore in the role of Don Lorenzo, said “First salt”And Sergio Friscia as Sergione.

In the series we also see among the writers Fabrizio Test, Leonardo Bean, e Maddalena Ravagli. Among the producers instead Nicola Picone and Attilio De Razza for Tramp Limited, moreover, entirely turned in Sicily.

The plot of Stuck, tells what day Friday 19 November 2021. The two protagonists see themselves involved in the vision of a homocide, arriving in the wrong place at the wrong time. Making sure they are always in awkward situations full of misunderstandings that lead them to surreal events.

Stuck is pretty much a mix of ingredients in between comedy, irony, and crime genre. The film will only be available on Netflix, in the countries where the service is active. From 1st January 2022.

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