Insomnis: an Enhanced Edition for PS5 is coming

Insomnis: an Enhanced Edition for PS5 is coming

With spring comes a special physical edition of Insomnis for PS5, a first-person horror video game published by Meridiem Games.

Insomnis Enhanced Edition will be released on PS5 this spring

Spring is here now, and with it a terrifying new version of insomnia, horror / exploration video game, for PlayStation 5 (PS5). It will be necessary to solve puzzles and, if possible, try to survive the gloomy atmosphere of theEnhanced Edition which Meridiem will publish shortly. A precise date has not yet been announced, but from the publisher they have been clear: by spring 2022, so there will be very little to wait. The game, developed by Path Games, will then arrive in a physical version, transporting players to the mysterious and uninhabited Castevet Manor. Take the term “uninhabited” with a grain of salt, because the place hides secrets and horror. The Enhanced Edition will come with a specially created cover, art book and set of memory playing cards included.

The plot follows the events of Joe Castevet, who has just inherited an old mansion in the countryside. What Joe doesn’t know is that this family legacy is cursed. In what sense cursed? It will be up to the players to find out, uncovering the dark arcana buried in the depths of Castevet’s abode, in a story full of intrigue and terror. After all, in the villa of one’s grandparents nothing is ever as it seems. The rooms will change, giving life to the players’ worst nightmares. Sounds funny right? Well it is, because you will have to remain lucid to make the right decisions. After all, only your life is at stake.

Below are the first images of Insomnis gameplay for PS5, out this spring.

YDRAY Insomnia Screenshoot 07

YDRAY Insomnia Screenshoot 09

YDRAY Insomnia Screenshoot 06

YDRAY Insomnia Screenshoot 05

YDRAY Insomnia Screenshoot 03

YDRAY Insomnia Screenshoot 08

YDRAY Insomnia Screenshoot 04

YDRAY Insomnia Screenshoot 012

YDRAY Insomnia Screenshoot 01

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YDRAY Insomnia Screenshoot 010

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