Instax Biz: the FUJIFILM app designed for business is born

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INSTAX has always stood out as the brand that knows how to capture the moments that matter and, thanks to the INSTAX Biz application, it now brings this peculiarity to the B2B world, providing companies with unprecedented opportunities for creativity, customization and branding

FUJIFILM launched the instant photography system and products under the INSTAX brand in 1998, and this year (2023) marks its 25th anniversary. Unlike any other stock on the market, this new service combines the magic of instant photography with the power of branding actions, allowing businesses to leave a lasting impression on customers, partners and consumers.

As digital usage increases in everyday life, INSTAX Biz offers a new approach. Simply using a smartphone, an INSTAX Link series smartphone printer and INSTAX Biz app, the act of physically delivering a branded instant photograph is very simple yet cost-effective for brands and businesses.

Instax Biz: the FUJIFILM app designed for business is born

With the new application you can enjoy many advantages:

  • Customizable Branding: INSTAX Biz gives businesses the ability to embellish every photograph with their own branding. From logos to slogans to diverse designs, these branded instant photos become keepsakes that highlight a company’s narrative with its audience.
  • Versatility in purpose: From corporate events and product launches to customer engagement initiatives and promotional actions, INSTAX Biz fits seamlessly across a spectrum of business requirements. Its versatility guarantees simple integration in different contexts.
  • Increased engagement: INSTAX Biz offers an innovative approach in a context now permeated by digital. The physical exchange of an instant photograph fosters an emotional connection that resonates authentic, creating brand experiences and memories that last. Prints are a very personal way of communicating and have a longer lifespan than simple flyers; the prints end up on refrigerators, desk tops and in wallets.

Instax Biz: the FUJIFILM app designed for business is born

Instax Biz: the FUJIFILM app designed for business is born | its use via QR codes

The application aims to provide a convenient, yet impactful marketing tool. It is the perfect branding solution for small and large businesses, including brands, event organisers, hospitality industry and marketing agencies.

  • Personalized prints with the plus of the brand: branded INSTAX prints offer a unique blend of analog appeal and custom branding. This special keepsake can encourage social sharing, facilitating broader engagement with an expanded audience.
  • Direct engagement through QR codes: A QR code adorning every print serves as an effective channel to digital content, including product landing pages, member registrations and surveys. The quick, simple and dynamic generation of the QR in the app also allows you to change its destination even after printing, ensuring the sharing of updated information.
  • Source Selection: Capture or select photos from your smartphone’s photo album, providing flexibility in different events.
  • Print in multiple sizes: INSTAX Link printers offer a choice of three original print sizes: mini, square and wide. This flexibility adapts to different situations, storing group photos, branding elements, logos, QR codes and slogans. To further enhance the experience, a range of INSTAX decorative films are available. The lightweight and portable INSTAX Link series printers connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, ensuring uninterrupted use.
  • Print Results Tracking: The app allows users to track print metrics by date or pattern, providing a comprehensive view of event results.

INSTAX Biz can be used in many ways, in different types of events, such as sports, festivals, corporate parties and experiences. And what do you think of this business app? It is already available on all Android and IOS stores, try it and let us know what you think!