Jaguar I-PACE, a balance of performance, refinement, agility and technology

Jaguar I-PACE: un equilibrio tra prestazioni, raffinatezza, agilità e tecnologia thumbnail

The Jaguar I-PACE, an award-winning electric car, is a balance of performance, refinement, agility and technology with a long range and excellent everyday usability. Here are all the details.

Jaguar I-PACE, here are all the details of the electric car

With a low center of gravity, advanced suspension system and compact yet efficient electric motors positioned on each axle, the I-PACE offers unrivaled balance of performance, refinement and agility.

Not only that: in addition to advanced autonomy, essential features are comfort and great usability in everyday driving. The technologies and characteristics of the vehicle have been implemented thanks to continuous updates SOTA (Software Over The Air), which already foresee further innovations to come.

Styling-wise, the I-PACE has been enhanced through more distinctive design, enhanced equipment, the addition of R-Dynamic models. And, for the first time, the possibility of choosing between two colors with a highly effective satin finish, available in two metallic color variants.

Jaguar I-PACE with a refreshed design

The cab-forward profile, short overhangs and taut, muscular sides of the I-PACE are recognizable and set it apart from other all-electric SUVs. This award-winning design it has further evolved through discreet and purposeful changes that give the I-Pace a greater presence on the road.

The front bumper finishers, as well as the lower finishers on the doors and rear diffuser are now body colored instead of Gloss Black. This solution simultaneously simplifies and refines the car’s design by eliminating visual mass.

Driving performance

The I-PACE enables the driver to enjoy an authentic Jaguar driving experience. Thanks to the light, compact and efficient electric motors integrated in the front and rear axle, the car is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds and to reach a top speed of 200 km/h.

Offering uncompromising comfort and agility is what has always made Jaguar cars unique. The advanced double wishbone front suspension, and Integral Link at the rear of the I-PACE, are central to its dynamic capability, combined with a low center of gravity and stiff, lightweight aluminum body structure. The suspension with electronically controlled damping of theAdaptive Dynamics further improve ride and handling.

Electric car range and recharging

The ion battery Litio da 90 kWh of the I-PACE offers a range of up to 470 km (WLTP cycle)3. Using the growing public charging network, with a 100 kW DC charger it is possible to reach 127 km (WLTP cycle) of range in just 15 minutes.

Customers who have three-phase electricity and a domestic wall box from 11 kW they can reach up to 53 km of range per hour (WLTP cycle), while a full charge takes 8.6 hours. Those who use single-phase wall boxes from 7 kW they can reach a range of 35 km per hour (WLTP cycle) and fully recharge their car in 12.75 hours.