Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece: release date revealed

An integral masterpiece is upon us on Nintendo Switch: here is the release date of Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece for the hybrid console

We have longed for the arrival of the series on Nintendo Switch after welcoming Sora to the Smash roster as a first taste, but now the exit date from Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece is finally a reality. The purists of the Big N have often devoted an overview of the saga from afar through various spinoffs, such as Chain of Memories on Game Boy Advance, 358/2 Days and Re: Coded on Nintendo DS, and Dream Drop Distance on Nintendo 3DS . After the welcome summary of Melody of Memory, however, the saga is coming through the compromise (still under discussion) of the cloud.

Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece release date is…

Lovers of the hero of the Keyblade and his complex universe will only have to wait up to another three weeks: the release date of Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece is set for the February 10. The collection in turn includes three other compilations, namely 1,5+II.5 HD ReMIX (I Final Mix, Re:Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, II Final Mix+, Birth By Sleep Final Mix, Re:Coded), 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (Dream Drop Distance HD, χ Back Cover, Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage) e III (with attached Re: Mind DLC). The first compilation is set for 40 euro, while the second for 50 and the third for 60 (if purchased individually).

The trailer above should give you an idea of ​​what awaits you, or if you’ve already experienced the saga elsewhere, it should at least rekindle some good memories. However, as we have treated Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece as a single entity until now, the price of the full package is one hundred euro (with a 20% discount on pre-order, as well as single games for the next 41 days). If you want to test the cloud (as we can’t wait to do too), know that one is currently available demo for all affected games, although 358/2 Days, Re: Coded and χ Back Cover consist exclusively of cutscene montages.

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: what do you think of the announcement? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.

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