KOBO Clara 2E announced, the new eco-sustainable eReader

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Rakuten Kobo recently announced the new Kobo Clara 2Eand More eco-sustainable eReader that presents important updates. The new device, which represents an important step forward in the company’s mission to improve the lives of the reader, was created with a external structure composed of over 85% recycled plastic, of which 10% potentially destined for the oceans. It also features Bluetooth wireless technology and is the first device from 6” of the Blanket to be also waterproof.

KOBO Clara 2E, the eco-sustainable eReader

Kobo Clara 2E is the first Kobo eReader built with recycled plastic and potentially destined for the ocean. Over the course of the year, Kobo plans to rto remove more than 200,000 plastic bottles from the oceans of our planet and more than a million CDs and DVDs from landfills.

Thanks to the new Kobo Clara 2E, book lovers can get lost in reading on one updated screen and 6 ″ HD E Ink Carta 1200 anti-glare, with dark mode e ComfortLight PRO with blue light reduction.

Equipped with a battery that lasts weeks and 16GB of memoryKobo Clara 2E contains entire libraries of eBooks e audiobooks Kobo. It is also equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, which gives readers the ability to read or listen to the most current stories. Even the protective SleepCovers and customized by Kobo are made with recycled materials. You can find them in black, ocean blue, coral red and aqua green.

The launch of the Kobo Clara 2E is part of Kobo’s commitment to neutralize 100% of carbon emissions associated with direct shipments of your Kobo eReaders. Revenues from the 2021 offsets are currently allocated to the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project. The project helps support First Nation communities and also protect British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, one of the largest temperate rainforests in the world.

Main features and price

Users will be able to purchase Kobo Clara 2E on the official site and at selected retailers al price of € 149.99. Starting today it is possible pre-order the devicewhich will officially debut on September 22 in Italy and other countries. Below are the main features of the eReader.

  • Turn the page to single-use plastics: The exterior of the Kobo Clara 2E is made with over 85% recycled plastic, of which 10% is abandoned plastic waste that is on its way to our oceans.
  • Read everywhere, even in the bathtub: Rakuten Kobo’s new device is the first Kobo eReader from 6 ″ completely waterproofwith a water resistance equal to 60 minutes up to two meters deep.
  • Listening: you don’t know whether to read or listen? With the Kobo Clara 2E’s Bluetooth wireless technology, you can even listen to audiobooks Kobo to continue enjoying your favorite stories.
  • A whole library, everywhere: book lovers can always find something new to read with Kobo. The built-in Kobo Store allows readers to quickly switch to the next book in a series or to discover new stories to explore. With 16GB of memory, book lovers can carry up to 12.000 eBook o 75 Kobo audiobooks.