Learn to play in online casinos without unnecessary risk

Many users make new deposits or switch online casinos with the hope of winning. But often they are disappointed, maybe it’s just because they are making the wrong bets?

Despite all the assurances of the online casino banner ads that the winnings will fall on the player like rain, and the bonuses will never run out, in reality, for some reason, the money tends to disappear long before you notice your player account.
Waiting for luck, many users make new deposits or switch online casinos with the hope of winning. But often they are disappointed, maybe it’s just because they are making the wrong bets?

Where to start?

An online casino bet is the price a player has to pay to spin the reel of the slot machine (excluding bonus games and free spins) or sit on a roulette table or any other casino game. The value of the bet is deducted from the total player balance.

Usually, beginners are advised to develop their strategy first by playing in the demo version. All online casinos offer their visitors the opportunity to play slots, roulette, blackjack and so on for free. Also, try to use the no deposit welcome bonuses, which AAMS online casino offers. The offer of Internet sites is very wide, we can find safe online casinos on www.topcasinoonlinesicuri.it, a portal that takes care of reviewing all the news in the field.

In many casinos, you are awarded bonus points while playing. Their number and the speed of replenishment depend on your status at the casino.With their help, you can participate in various promotions or simply exchange them for real money. True, you will usually not be able to withdraw them right away, as you have to play the bet first. Playthrough or Wager is nothing more than the wagering requirement that each player is required to use in order to use the bonuses. But in these cases, it is usually small and played quite easily.

In almost all slots from any manufacturer, the value of a bet can be changed and set before pressing the Play button. It starts from a few cents and ends in tens, sometimes hundreds of euros for a spin. Consequently, the winnings are generally proportional to the bet, that is, the higher the bet in the online casino, the higher the payout.

You should definitely try playing with a demo account first. Thus you will have the opportunity to know the rules and nuances of a particular game. In fact, it pays to develop a strategy on a real game. But of course you should start with very small stakes.

How are bets placed in online slots?

It would seem that the procedure is completely simple. However, the choice of tariff should be approached with all responsibility. After all, its size affects the entire game as a whole, as does the size of the payout. As already mentioned, it is worth playing small bets at first. Once you have developed the strategy of the game, you can gradually increase them.

When it comes to paylines in slots, experienced players are advised to always use the maximum number of them. There are several reasons for choosing this game strategy:

  • if a successful combination falls on an inactive line, the player will not receive a prize;
  • if there is a progressive jackpot in the game, the player can win a large amount of money when a combination appears on the line with the maximum bet.

Determine the amount of the bet

Each bet should be of such size that even the loss of 20 consecutive spins does not cause significant damage to the deposit. For example, you can limit your wager to 0.5% of your playing capital at an online casino. But in any case it should not exceed 1%, otherwise you risk losing all your money too quickly. After all, there is always a risk of falling into a losing streak.

Calculation of losses

Knowing how much money you have deposited in an online casino for a month, it will not be difficult for you to calculate how much you have lost during the reporting period. It is important to know exactly the amount lost in relation to your deposit. It is clear that during the month you have won and then you have lost. Only the final result that counts. In the worst case, it will be equal to the deposit.

Play Moderate

It doesn’t matter how much you want to take the risk and bet all your money, or replenish a wasted deposit. You must respect discipline in relation to your finances in online casinos, otherwise slot machines will have time to whip up a lot of money before you realize that a seemingly harmless hobby has started to cost you dearly.

It is worth starting with a list of tips equally suitable for both beginners and experienced players:

  • You should definitely check the status of your account. You will need to carefully monitor not only the amount of the loss, but also the winnings. If the balance has been increased more than 3 times during the game, it is worth stopping the game;
  • Stop in time. When you receive a winning symbol 3 or more times in a row, we recommend that you switch slots. When playing roulette, it is recommended that you change the game table and continue only after a while;
  • Strict adherence to the strategy. The importance of choosing and using strategies correctly should not be overlooked. The tricks of the casino are also to gradually increase the rates after each loss, so that you can stay with a positive balance and recover all financial costs.

If you follow our advice, you can be sure that you will not have any major financial problems. The frequency of the winnings will be high enough not to go beyond the established limits, even if the losses will gradually modify the deposit, they will not bring catastrophic consequences for your wallet.