Leica Q2 Dawn is the limited edition signed by Seal

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Leica Q2 Dawn is the new limited edition of the compact camera signed by Seal, artist and singer last winner of the 2022 Grammy Awards.

The special limited edition Leica Q2 “Dawn” by Seal pays homage to the soulful lyrics of the artist’s songs. The special edition photo set celebrates the human connection in the art of taking a photograph, playing with light on the subjects of a shot, while the artist behind the lens displays unique perspectives. The eye-catching Japanese woven fabric cover of the Leica Q2 “Dawn” by Seal is crafted to ensure that each of the 500 cameras in the edition is unmistakably unique.

Seal shoots with bright lenses in natural light. In tune with his music, the photographs evoke emotions, illuminating the beauty and humanity of the moment, in line with the aesthetic philosophy of the limited edition set.

Leica Q2 Dawn by Seal: when art, music and photography meet

The trendy accessory that completes the Q2 “Dawn” by Seal, which is also a statement to wear, is an exclusive scarf designed by the multimedia artist Annina Roescheisen. The artist interprets Seal’s message with the verses of the lyrics of his songs, written with golden elements on a black background. His artistic application of the lyrics “You became the light on the dark side of me” from the song Kiss from a Rose, and other handwritten verses from Seal’s inexhaustible repertoire, make this garment the symbol of an attitude towards of life that is characterized by music, emotion and passion. Known as a high-quality, traditional clothing brand, prized for craftsmanship and love of detail, rag & bone is the New York fashion label that produced the unique scarf.

In addition to the exclusive scarf designed by Annina Roescheisen, which features the lyrics of Seal’s songs, a rope strap completes the set. The elegant strap is decorated with the handwritten text “You became the light on the dark side of me”, taken from the song Kiss from a Rose. Seal was awarded three Grammy Awards for the song in 1996; it also reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts in the United States. In addition to the iridescent fabric produced by the traditional Japanese brand Hosoo, the Q2 “Dawn” by Seal features a black Leica logo, Seal’s signature engraved on the display glass and an edition number from 001 to 500.

Ben Staley and Seal share a love of Leica photography: the images shot by director and filmmaker Ben Staley tell delicate and intense stories. Experiences are born that get under the skin: the encounter with Seal and the Leica Q2 “Dawn” by Seal continues this artistic exploration.