Lies of P review: lies have… long noses!

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In this review we will discover all the details and secrets of Lies of P. Get ready to immerse yourself in this particular version of Collodi’s world

We, Lies of P, had already met him a few months ago, when summer was still upon us. Now summer is coming to an end and brings with it a sense of melancholy and stillness that only September is able to offer. It is no coincidence, therefore, that a video game so full of melancholy and greed will be released in September, precisely on September 19th. Lies of P manages to drag you into a world that is as delightful as it is dark and does so with a very simple gameplay structure, perhaps too simple at times, and an enviable atmosphere and artistic sector.

A decidedly unconventional version of the world told by Carlo Collodi. Pinocchio and the steampunk universe come together in a unison flight that manages to make this one of the most interesting games not only of the month, but probably of the entire year. A year, clearly, full of great releases; Lies of Phowever, manages to carve out its own space and its own level of attention and we are ready to talk about it in this one review.

Lies of P Review: lies have... long noses!

Once upon a time… | Lies of P review

And this is how most fairy tales begin, with a nice “once upon a time“. Here, in the case of Lies of P, we are faced with a narrative that is anything but fable-like or fairytale-like. Or, rather, we are faced with a narrative that refers to a very adult fairy tale. The themes covered conform very well to the general atmosphere of the game: in which absolute gloom reigns supreme. Death, madness, humanitythese are the themes that constitute the common thread of all that is the narrative and above all the lore of Lies of P.

Everything is expressed, however, with dialogues that are at times complex and cryptic and at times, however, quite linear in which one can still perceive a certain guide in what will then be the our actions. A positive management, therefore, in our opinion. Suitable for those who, lovers of the purest souls-like, seek a certain complexity and a certain mystery in the narrative sector and, at the same time, manage to represent an experience, at least from the point of view of the narrative, quite “entry level” if so we can define it for those who, as non-souls lovers, still want it immerse yourself in a well-told and well-realized world.

Lies of P Review: lies have... long noses!

A souls perhaps too souls | Lies of P review

A focal point of all this of ours review of Lies of P it concerns a reflection that, while playing, we couldn’t help but indulge and explore. This is a reflection relating to the game structure of this Lies of P which, in part, we had already analyzed and discussed in our preview and which is also confirmed as valid in the review. Lies of P is a derivative title, references to BloodBorne are abundant but, despite this, however, it manages to maintain its strong soul and identity. With the term derivative we absolutely do not want to indicate anything negative, also because BloodBorne was one of the most loved and most inspired From titles. However, what makes Lies of P a title not excellent it is probably a choice made during the game design phase.

The structure of the game is in a certain sense anachronistic. If Elden Ring has set a precedent and demonstrated that it is possible to create a souls-like in which some components – such as the sense of frustration or the trial and error soul – are missing, Lies of P remains anchored to a structure that fails to offer that extra sparkle. During the preview we underlined how the game was slightly unbalanced, especially if structured in an overly classic way. If part of the imbalance has been resolved, that extra step remains unfinished.

The title is divided into different areas that we will have to clean up from enemies and then continue to the boss of the area; when the only thing to do is defeat the boss we will have exhausted the possibilities for action within that area. This means that between one attempt and another to beat the boss we will repeat the same actions over and over again to recover ergos, purchase the weapons necessary for the fight with the boss and proceed to the battle. In the long run, this type of pattern dampens the enthusiasm that the discovery of a new area, thanks also to its excellent visual realization, can offer.

Lies of P Review: lies have... long noses!

Beat it to you | Lies of P review

In Lies of P you fight and you do it most of the time. In this it remains faithful to the characteristics of a souls-like just as, to be faithful, it is also faithful in other facets. The combat system is very reminiscent of… yes, you say it directly, to which, however, a series of interesting features are added that delve much deeper into the clash mechanics. Starting from the possibility of combining blades and weapon handles, thus creating the weapon that best suits you, passing through the possibility of combining and unlocking third abilities through the P Organ (a structure that Geppetto makes available to us), ending up with the management of powers of the fairy taledifferent for each weapon and which will allow you to perform ad hoc actions depending on what you are holding.

Everything, obviously, is seasoned by the presence of throwing objectsfrom the legion – that is, the ability that you will have on your left arm, which is also subject to variations – and the possibility of upgrade your weapons either by literally upgrading them or by altering the hilts. In short, from this point of view, Lies of P manages to offer great depth, at times a little complex and difficult to learn. However, it is something more that still manages to make a difference.

Lies of P Review: lies have... long noses!

So much inspiration! | Lies of P review

We challenge anyone to start Lies of P and not be surprised by what the visual section of this game. From this point of view the title it truly borders on excellence. The choice to marry the Pinocchio universe with a dark and gloomy steampunk world is one of the strongest and most interesting in recent years in the videogame field and in the gaming sector in general. entertainment arts. Everything in this game has a very strong evocative component. The artistic inspiration is to be applauded and we can only take our hats off to what the development team has managed to achieve.

Some small technical flaws were found but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a small fix patch. The character models are also very well made, as are those of the enemies: of both bosses and minions. The dubbing in English is at good levels as is the music, nothing unforgettable but still positive, never invasive and well contextualized. The sense of abandonment and lies – not surprisingly – this dystopia created by the guys at Neowiz Games and Round 8 is truly tangible and from this point of view the game is passed with flying colours.

Lies of P Review: lies have... long noses!

Let’s sum it up!

Here we are, therefore, at the final stages of this one review of Lies of P. We will try to draw conclusions to focus on what is a judgment which, let us say straight away, is certainly positive (more than sufficient) but which nevertheless reserves some not very happy considerations. Lies of P is a title with truly above average artistic inspiration, we are faced with a real pearl in this respect. A strange, risky but successful combination. A solid gameplay that also gives itself some more momentum compared to a classic souls-like. There sore pointhowever, it is precisely this classicism with which, despite everything, it is imbued. A structure that is all too anchored to the first titles of the genre they can’t make him make that extra leap that, perhaps, we expect to find in a second chapter. Let us know if you will buy it and if you are curious to try it, but please… without lying!

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