MacBook Air OLED in 2024, along with the iPad Pro

MacBook Air e iPad Pro con schermo OLED per il 2024 thumbnail

Apple would aim to market a MacBook Air and an iPad Proboth with OLED screens, for 2024. The analyst Ross Young explains however that although at the moment it looks like the MacBook with the technology OLED is an Air, the last word is not yet said.

MacBook Air and iPad Pro with OLED screens, coming in 2024

According to expert display analyst Ross Young, Apple intends to continue investing in the schermi OLED. The depth of blacks and the perfect contrast are great for watching TV series on Apple TV +, for playing Apple Arcade. There’s no Apple service that doesn’t get better with a higher quality screen.

For this reason, a MacBook (probably Air) con display da 13.3 inch OLED, in addition to both models from 11 than 12.9 inches of iPad Pro. However, Young explains that the laptop could also be a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or other model to be defined – branding is still unclear at the moment.

Apple should use a display with the technology ‘tandem stack’, capable of increasing brightness, improving longevity and reducing screen power consumption by 30%. Also, they should have variable refresh rates.

Apple currently uses mini-LED technology, which produces excellent results on Apple’s laptops. Mini-LEDs have the ability to achieve higher brightness than OLEDs (and do not suffer from the burn-in effect). However, the many areas dthe ‘dimming’ of mini-LEDs cannot cope with the absolute contrast of OLEDs.

In the future, Apple would like to invest in micro-LED, which have no burn-in problems, have the brightness of the LEDs and the contrast of the OLEDs (or almost). But before this step, he wants to invest in more certain OLED technology.

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