Messi lifting the World Cup becomes the photo with the most likes on Instagram

Messi che alza la Coppa del Mondo diventa la seconda foto con più like su Instagram thumbnail

Less than a day after Argentina’s victory at the World Cup in Qatar, the photo of Leo Messi who lifts the World Cup becomes the second post with the most likes on Instagram. Messi also surpassed Cristiano Ronaldobecoming the sportsman with the most likes of the whole platformwith over 43 million hearts to the photo in which he celebrates the victory of the World Cup.

The first place)? You will be amazed to know that the single image with the most likes ever is a photo of an egg.

The post with the most likes on Instagram? Messi may be world champion, but everyone loves eggs

After getting his hands on the coveted trophy, the Albiceleste captain uploaded a carousel of photos in which he celebrates the Qatari World Cup victory with his teammates. The first image is obviously that of the number 10 lifting the World Cup to the sky. The caption reads:

“WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!! I’ve dreamed about it so many times, wanted it so badly that I still can’t believe it. The merit is all of this group, above the individualities, it is the strength of all who fight to make the same dream come true”.

The post has reached and exceeded i 42.5 million likes in less than 16 hours, taking away from Cristiano Ronaldo the post record of a sportsman with the most likes on the platform. Specifically, the image was an adv for Louis Vuitton, in which CR7 and Messi played chess together. A photo from 41.9 million hearts.

However, the record for the post with the most likes on Instagram, surprisingly, does not belong to anyone popular. And it doesn’t even represent a photo of a person in the flesh. The photo with the most likes in the Instagram story is that of an eggnicknamed The Instagram Egg. An image from over 57 million likes uploaded in 2019 by Chris Godfrey on the @world_record_egg page.

Messi may well be world champion, but on Instagram he is only second to the egg.

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