Meta reduces hiring, “serious times” on the horizon

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In a Q&A session with the company, the CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg would announce one reduction in hiring for the foreseeable future. The company would be living “One of the worst drops in recent history“And on the horizon there are” serious times “for the company. So focus on some issues such as monetization of Reels. But not only.

Meta cuts down on hiring, it is experiencing a negative period

According to the above, Meta would have intended to hire fup to 10,000 new engineers before the end of the year. Both to work on their social networks and to expand investments in the metaverse.

Instead, the percentage drops by at least 30%: it will take from 6 to 7 thousand. Additionally, Zuckerberg explains that he wants to raise the expectations of current team members’ results so they can figure out for themselves if the company is right for them. Also because, as Chris Cox, chief product officer explains, Meta is in “serious times and the winds on the horizon are ferocious“.

The company also announced six focuses internally for the next six months. Among these are the Avatarto be launched in all social networks (including WhatsApp, it seems) and the virtual social network Horizon Worlds.

It also appears that the company wants to monetize the Reels as soon as possible. Also because this year they represented 80% of the growth on Facebook. So much so that Cox defined them as a “beacon of light” in the first half of the year.

Furthermore, Meta wants to invest in various initiatives AIas well as on WhatsApp e Messenger. In particular, it aims to test communities on WhatsApp, to make the messaging app more ‘social’. It also intends to create channels on Messenger for Instagram creators and chats to communicate with followers.

There are many projects, but Meta wants to reduce them to invest only in a few and bring economic returns. In these six months we will be able to really understand what this strategy will produce.

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