Metaverse, connectivity and AI in the new 100% electric Nissan concept, Hyper Punk

Metaverso, connettività e AI nel nuovo concept Nissan 100% elettrico, Hyper Punk thumbnail

Nissan presents Hyper Punk, the concept designed for creatives, artists and influencers on the occasion of the Japan Mobility Show. The elegant 100% electric compact crossover, the fourth Nissan EV concept, will be displayed at the show on October 25 and is the new symbol of connectivity between the real and virtual worlds.

Nissan Hyper Punk: a creative studio in motion

In the new Nissan concept it is technology vehicle-to-everything (V2X) to provide maximum connectivity to the vehicle. This innovative system allows the mobile devices of the driver and passengers to be recharged and to provide energy to the infrastructure of local communities. Outside, however, the cameras are able to read the surrounding landscape and rework it, converting it into manga-style scenarios, thanks toartificial intelligence. Through the front displays it is therefore possible to admire the images produced, in a space halfway between reality and metaverse. All in a cabin that perfectly blends art and technology, with typically Japanese style elements.

hyper punk

Nissan Hyper Punk is designed to provide continuous internet connection, becoming a real mobile creative studio. In addition to the AI ​​systems, the biosensors installed in the headrests detect the driver’s mood, stimulating positive sensations through automatic music selection and interior lighting.

nissan EV

As for the design, Hyper Punk features silver exteriors with a futuristic faceted surface, with shades that change based on the light. The appearance of this car is bold yet minimal, creating a contrast ideal for those who like to stand out. The concept’s polygonal theme also stands out from the headlights, taillights and logo. And to complete the car, the large 23-inch wheels ensure a versatile, stable and safe ride.

Nissan EV concepts available in Fortnite

Until October 25, Nissan’s four EV concepts will be on display in the neighborhood Shinjuku di Tokyo in the form of a three-dimensional digital billboard (Cross Shinjuku Vision). Simultaneously with the opening of the Show, however, they will be available on Fortniteunder the name “Electrify the World”.

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