Super Mario Bros Wonder: tricks and tips from the Flower Kingdom!

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New adventure, new guide: here are our tips for surviving all the tricks used by enemies and levels in Super Mario Bros Wonder!

If this is your first approach with Super Mario Bros Wonderwelcome to the Kingdom of Flowers and, if necessary, also to Nintendo consoles: the franchise that built the platformer genre as we know it today can be more difficult than expected for those who take it lightly, and this is why in view of the day one we are here again for talk about tips and tricks. Let’s start from this assumption: is this really your first title starring the mustache? Then we really have to hurry. In a more literal sense than usual, one might say! Don’t worry, the editorial nintendaro is here to serve you.

General Character Abilities | Cheats and tips for Super Mario Bros Wonder

If you opened Super Mario Bros Wonder after a session of Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy, there’s only one thing that may have catapulted you in search of tips and tricks. Well yes: except for specific power-ups (or the use of better equipped characters, such as the Yoshis or the Ruboniglio), Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad and Toadette cannot defend themselves. Similarly, compared to the aforementioned Crash, the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom (yes, Mushrooms, that’s where they live) they require much more inertia to jump. A jump (usually A/B) can take you much further if you run (X/Y) first.

Super Mario Bros Wonder: tricks and tips from the Flower Kingdom!

Contextual uses of power-ups | Cheats and tips for Super Mario Bros Wonder

If, however, you already have previous experience with other adventures of Mr. Nintendo himself, you will be well accustomed to the various “I’ll come back when I have that power-up” of the case. Well, the presence of secrets and inaccessible areas without power-ups in the game has increased by a lot. Already in the first levels, as you may have noticed in our preview of the game, points appear which require a certain strengthening. The good news is that more often than not it is the level itself that provides you with the transformation you are interested in (and, via i Talking Flowers, even to tell you what to do). The bad news, rather, is that we need to arrive at the turning point unscathed. For example, the cave where the drill is introduced will put a few enemies in front of you, before the underground pipe appears in front of you…

Super Mario Bros Wonder: tricks and tips from the Flower Kingdom!

Pros and cons of Yoshi and Ruboniglio | Cheats and tips for Super Mario Bros Wonder

Play as Yoshi he puts a good part of his powers in your hands in the series of spin-offs that concern him: by extracting his retractable (and adhesive) tongue he can swallow an enemy and spit it back out, as well as performing the typical “fluttering jump” by holding down the jump button . In addition to this, like in the first Yoshi’s Island the easy-going reptile takes no damage from enemies! What could go wrong, using it? Actually, several things. First point: niente power-up. End. Second point: the causes of instant death (get crushed and fall into chasms) they are not invalidated. Third point: an enemy attack can still push us (in a hole, if it goes badly). Finally, eggs, one of the cornerstones of Yoshi’s Island, are not included here. AND Ruboniglio he doesn’t even enjoy the tongue or the fluttering jump…

Super Mario Bros Wonder: tricks and tips from the Flower Kingdom!

Don’t get in the way of co-op | Cheats and tips for Super Mario Bros Wonder

“There’s no body block? Much of our content is gone…”, so the iNoob duo murmured in a Fortnite deathrun, providing a sad snapshot of the state of schädenfreude in which YouTube Italia finds itself. Well, get in each other’s way It’s more than possible in this game, but… don’t do it, okay? True, two or more players win better than one, and it is now possible to revive each other. However, the possibility of jostling is still real, and the same goes for managing thesingle camera shared by the group. Avoid running too far forward if possible. And if there is a Yoshi in the group, give it to a more experienced player. We know it seems counterintuitive, but let us explain. The less experienced can ride it and reach more critical points unscathed… where, perhaps, they need a power-up to hold on to.

Super Mario Bros Wonder: tricks and tips from the Flower Kingdom!

Bet everything on Pins | Cheats and tips for Super Mario Bros Wonder

In an almost RPG twist for the platformer series, Super Mario Bros Wonder introduces the concept of gear. Thanks to Play you can in fact have a skill to start the level with, however keeping in mind in the case of co-op that everyone will have the same power. In other words, therefore, some of the things to keep in mind (specified in the previous paragraphs) are no longer valid. With the parachute hat it is possible to glide; the climbing jump allows you to make an upward wall jump, and so on. Calculate which Pin to use based on those unlocked (giving priority to Pins when you are at thePoplin’s General Store), the skills of each player if you are in co-op and, of course, the level design. Pins can be replaced with each death, so you can change your mind at the checkpoint!

Super Mario Bros Wonder: tricks and tips from the Flower Kingdom!

Wonder flowers and arising crossroads | Cheats and tips for Super Mario Bros Wonder

The main attraction of the game, i Wonder Flowers, I’m here specifically to mess up the level design as much as possible, giving or taking away offensive, defensive and movement abilities from the player. But is that all there is to it? Mainly, touching the level’s Wonder Flower entails take a specific exit or not. Whether you find yourself touching the black flag pole, therefore, depends on you and your willingness to replay the level. In a videogame equivalent of Sliding Doors, therefore, the levels often open and close their paths depending on the choice to touch the Wonder Flower or not. In short, it is better to replay the levels often, because…

Super Mario Bros Wonder: tricks and tips from the Flower Kingdom!

… the flag alone is no longer enough | Cheats and tips for Super Mario Bros Wonder

We didn’t talk much about the map during the preview, but a couple of things should be mentioned. Generally, where previously reaching the goal was more than enough for progress, now i Wonder Seeds (obtainable in the level and, if achieved following the alterations of the Wonder Flower, necessary to put an end to the delirium) act as real collector’s items necessary to continue the adventure. In fact, we are talking about the equivalent of the moons to collect in Odyssey, the Stars of 64 and Galaxy and the Guardian Suns in Sunshine. Of course, touching the flag rewards us with a default Seed, but we’ll have to start collecting if we want to proceed: In fact, some levels require a quantity of seeds just to access!

Super Mario Bros Wonder: tricks and tips from the Flower Kingdom!

Goodbye (or almost) linearity | Cheats and tips for Super Mario Bros Wonder

Do you remember our earlier comparison with Crash Bandicoot? Here is the question of map suggests we resume the discussion. The map indeed presents a sort of linearity, but only up to a certain point. There are spaces in which, leaving aside the multiple releases, everything more closely recalls 3D World. In other words, therefore, if the progress “from level A to level B” takes us back to 1996 with the first Crash, the more open areas bring to mind the legendary Warp Room of Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3. And this translates in more balanced levels in their difficulty, playable in any order we want. Furthermore, this is where Poplin’s emporiums are located, where you can aim for Brooches.

Super Mario Bros Wonder: tricks and tips from the Flower Kingdom!

Prioritize challenges | Cheats and tips for Super Mario Bros Wonder

Why deprive yourself of choice? The Brooches at your disposal will grow in number as you progress through the adventure, but almost always the clearings on the map host the challenge levels where you can immediately use a new skill. Once you have completed these short levels without enemies (based on what we tried in Milan, at least) you will automatically obtain the Pin that was assigned to you at the start of the stage. Which will give you a tactical advantage on all the levels you can (again, in any order as long as the map is not linear) take on. In short, “homework” needs to be done every now and then… not that it’s worth calling it such: a gym to train straight away is a luxury, given what awaits you in the levels!

Super Mario Bros Wonder: tricks and tips from the Flower Kingdom!

Watch out for enemies!

“And thank you very much”, paraphrasing what you must have thought. In reality in this game you have to pay attention to enemies much more so than in previous games, as their personalities were definitely put under the spotlight. In addition to the debutantslike the Smammole (based entirely on their escape at breakneck speed), the Mumi (very tall mummies to unroll) and the Bomp (much tougher, practically invincible multidirectional Twomp) also the old ones present new features, such as the Rolla Koopas equipped with magenta shells and skates. The occasions in which you simply have to “jump on the enemy’s head to fix him” have been drastically reduced compared to past chapters, but you will realize this from tomorrow onwards given that the game is technically released in midnight.

Now it’s up to you to tell us your opinion: have we been of any help to you? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and beyond. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.